What will the development of NeoCity mean for Orlando's renters?

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration, NeoCity is a 500-acre technology district designed to transform the way in which our society ideates, creates, and innovates. Located in Osceola County, this up and coming community reaches beyond traditional research development. Great news for people looking for apartments near Kissimmee's NeoCity, as it is creating a progressive place that is focused on connecting people with the community and walkable, urban landscape, all while reinvigorating the region's job market.

Transforming Orlando's Economy

NeoCity is envisioned as an epicenter for innovation and a source for high quality jobs as well as a serving as a fusion of a technology and research destination of local, state, national and global impact. NeoCity's Master Plan project will introduce the design, planning, job creation and economic development for Osceola County into focus. This innovative new community is anchored by BRIDG, a non-profit organization primarily focused on manufacturing the development of advanced technology.

BRIDG is the first building in the NeoCity high-tech industrial park located east of Kissimmee on U.S. Highway 192. However, the structure is far more than just an average office or lab-space center—Central Florida and state officials are considering BRIDG to be a transformation of the region's economy. Charlie Gray, the chairman emeritus of the GrayRobinson law firm who has worked largely behind the scenes to get funding and organization for BRIDG claims, "This center will change the fabric of our community."

The building is designed for the high-tech manufacturing of nano-circuitry on a scale so small it's actually considered "molecular manufacturing," beginning with smart-sensor technologies. The BRIDG facility has the highest-tech stabilization, temperature and humidity control, hyper-clean conditions, air purification and control, and water purification and control, prepared to pursue and sustain the new generation of electronics manufacturing. BRIDG CEO Chester Kennedy said, "You think about where this infrastructure exists in the world and there are very few places, and most of the places it does exist are very tightly controlled by very large industries. To have this capability right here in our backyard in Central Florida, put together in a public-private partnership, operated by a not-for-profit entity that is here to enable business to come and take advantage of this great facility," he continued, "Some of the most state-of-the-art electronics in the world will be manufactured and developed in this center."

This upcoming, innovative district will reconnect people with the community, while sparking the area's job market and stimulating the economy. The region is expected to attract new investment and create high-wage jobs, as well as spotlight the exceptional work of UCF's programs in optics, engineering and photonics. Living near this beautiful, naturally landscaped area presents opportunities in major improvement for development, education, the economy, the workforce, environmental sustainability and overall quality of life.

How Will NeoCity Improve Life for Orlando's Renters?

The rise of NeoCity will create jobs in the area, stimulating the region's economy and encouraging the development of new, luxury apartments. Apartments near Kissimmee's NeoCity will likely include features such as stainless-steel appliances, granite, and resident perks like dog parks, decked out fitness centers, and resort pools. Residents of this upcoming community can expect new shopping and fine dining in the area. With more traffic, development, and opportunities, this beautiful and progressive community could be your perfect place to call home!

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