Any etiquette tips for using the amenities around my UCF apartment?

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The Verge is an apartment complex at the edge of UCF. It has a variety of amenities ranging from a pool, game room, and a basketball court.

Stainless steel oven tops, luxurious resort-style pools, extensive gyms, dog parks, and study rooms are among the lengthy list of amenities around UCF apartments. When touring apartments, most guides will note the pool, gym, and even the study rooms since the apartment complexes cater to student needs. However, there's a bit of an unspoken rule when it comes to etiquette regarding the amenities. You'll often see apartment complexes shutting down pools and taking away amenity feature access due to a lack of etiquette when using things around the apartment. Generally, these are a couple of rules you might want to keep in mind before taking advantage of the amenities your apartment has to offer. 

Respect everyone's surroundings at public spaces, gyms, pools, and clubhouses  

While it may be trivial, respecting people's surroundings is vital to keeping a peaceful neighborhood. Especially under the pretenses of COVID-19, it is crucial to acknowledge everyone else's space. Clubhouses will typically have a set of rules for using study rooms, often requiring a reservation beforehand. Respect those that came before you and listen to what clubhouse personnel tell you. Be understanding of their jobs and that these shared community spaces. They were designed to make student apartments more like home and comfortable.   

Take care of these features 

Unfortunately, some people misuse and abuse these amenities and features without contextualizing what the next person will receive. As a respectful member of the new apartment complex community, take care of the amenities you have can access. This especially applies to shared living spaces inside your apartment. Couches, TVs, dishwashers, and other appliances often are a given with UCF apartments. Maintaining and upkeeping them will ensure no issues for the duration of your lease and grant the next tenant a useful appliance. If something breaks or goes missing, try to report it right away so that management can take care of it, and it won't be charged from your security deposit later. 

Clean up after yourself 

Finally, the following few words may resonant and echo the manners told time and time again by mothers everywhere. Clean up after yourself. In all instances, whether it be wiping down the treadmill or wiping away the crumbs from your late-night snack, try to clean after yourself, even outside of the community amenities, inside your UCF apartment, clean after yourself to avoid heated arguments with roommates. For those with furry pets, make sure to clean up after your pet when using dog parks or pet cleaning stations. All in all, don't be messy.  

Amenities and additional features have become an essential part of the advertising process for student apartments. As newer buildings get constructed and renovated, amenities seem to get more niche. Now, you'll see anything from Bluetooth showerhead speakers to farmhouse sinks. To learn more about the differences in amenities and features and how they work, read more on this blog by The Spruce about amenities.

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