I'm a Full Sail student interested in moving into a LEED certified apartment. Is there one near campus?

Four Resort-Style Pools

There is! Just one, though. Sterling Central is the only LEED certified apartment community near the Full Sail campus. For those who are unfamiliar, a LEED certified building has been recently built or renovated up to very strict environmental building codes. Basically, it is a structure that is extremely environmentally friendly, so it's impact on the planet is minimal. The advantages to living in a LEED certified building include: lower energy costs, a healthier living environment, and the sweet peace of mind that comes when you know you're helping the planet. However, sometimes LEED buildings are expensive to build, thus making rent somewhat higher than non-LEED buildings.

However, Sterling Central is really affordable and cost about the same as a non-LEED apartment building of the same quality. Full Sail apartments at Sterling Central come in one, two, three or four bedroom floor plans. The largest, a four bedroom apartment called "Foot Print", has over 1,400 square feet of space, four bathrooms, and costs $645 per room. However, each layout, no matter how many bedrooms, has very spacious living rooms and bedrooms and a nice kitchen. These LEED certified apartments come with great features, such as: walk-in closets, a balcony or patio, multiple ceiling fans, a loft layout, wood floors, private bathrooms, a washer and dryer included, and a dishwasher. Full Sail students will love living here.

But if you are a Full Sail student concerned about living in a LEED building, then you are probably wondering what kind of green initiatives Sterling Central is taking to be environmentally friendly. Right? Sterling Central has paper, glass and plastic recycling. Additionally, it has low energy lighting used throughout the entire facility. Not to mention, the entire complex is built to the strict LEED specifications. Full Sail students are truly living green at this apartment community.

Sterling Central also has plenty of great community amenities that will keep you entertained for hours. Full Sail students will love the four resort-style pools, two state-of-the-art fitness centers, community BBQ grill area. Full Sail students can also enjoy the coffee bar, movie theater, 24-hour fitness center, game room, club house, computer lab and tanning bed. If you are a Full Sail student that truly cares about the environment, consider moving into Sterling Central, a LEED certified apartment complex.

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