Getting to and from your Orlando apartment

 Transportation Options in Orlando

Traveling around your new apartment by car may seem like the preferred mode of transportation for you. However, you may be surprised by the number of travel alternative Orlando offers. Add in the stress of fighting traffic congestion (especially in apartments near I-4), the cost of tolls, wear on your car and the additional pollution you are adding to the planet and public transportation may look like a good option. Below is a brief description of your choices to get you from your apartment to wherever you need to travel in Orlando.

UCF Bus at Bus Stop

Driving from your Orlando apartment.

Sometimes there is just no way around traveling by car. Check out our helpful guide roads and highways around Orlando to assist navigating the Orlando highway system. If traveling around your new apartment by car is a must you can help the environment and save some money by carpooling. Orlando operates a carpool matching service called reThink.

Taking the bus from your Orlando apartment.

The Orlando area is served by LYNX . Whether you choose an apartment in East Orlando or West Orlando, it is likely that there will be a bus stop nearby. LYNX passes can be purchased for one-way trips, single-day, seven-day and 30-days. Discounts are available for riders age 18 and younger, riders 65 and older and persons with disabilities. LYNX provides several options for riders:

  • Fixed-Route. 65 separate routes (called Links) serve Orange County, Osceola, and Seminole County apartments. Rides are on comfy buses equipped with bike racks.
  • LYMMO. Gives you free access to a three-mile loop serving the downtown business, entertainment, and shopping districts.
  • NeighborLink. Provides transportation for apartments in less-populated areas.

Taking the train from apartments near Orlando.

SunRail is a rail service made with commuters in mind. With 16 stations operating over 50 miles connecting Osceola, Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties, your daily commute may become quicker, easier and more affordable. In fact, many hospitals and other major employers located near stations offer incentives for those who take advantage of the SunRail.

The SunRail operates Monday-Friday. View the Northbound and Southbound travel schedules to get an idea of arrival and departure times and see if SunRail is something that is compatible with your work schedule and location. You can find SunRail stations in the following neighborhoods and business areas.

  • Osceola County:
    • Poinciana
    • Kissimmee
    • Tupperware
  • Orange:
    • Meadow Woods
    • Sand Lake Road
    • Orlando Health
    • Church Street
    • Lynx Central
    • AdventHealth
    • Winter Park
    • Maitland
  • Seminole:
    • Altamonte Springs
    • Longwood
    • Lake Mary
    • Sanford
  • Volusia:
    • Debary

If commuting by train is your preferred method of travel, search for apartments located near SunRail stations.

AMTRAK also operates service along these lines if you are interested in long distance travel.

You've got lots of options to get to and from your apartment in the Orlando area!

From your apartment, there are numerous ways to get around Orlando. Travel by public transportation allows you to take a break from driving and saves the wear and tear on your own vehicle. If you must drive look into carpooling, this is a great way to save money and perhaps make some new friends. Whatever you decide, rest well in your apartment knowing that you have choices.

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