What clothes should I bring to my Full Sail apartment? (weather guide)

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The Taylor at Winter Park
Winter Park Village is just over two miles from Full Sail University and features an Olympic size swimming pool and a kiddie pool for the kids to enjoy.

As you plan to move to your new Full Sail apartment, you may wonder what to pack in terms of clothing. We put together a guide to help you with what to pack and a little insight into the weather we have here in the central Florida area.

What Does the Data Say?

Per the U.S. Climate Data website for Orlando, the coolest months here are November through March, with highs in the seventies and lows in the fifties. The other seven months, many would describe it as just hot, with temperatures in the high eighties or nineties with lows in the sixties or seventies at night. Yep, to sum it up, just hot most of the year while attending Full Sail University! But let's dig a little deeper into what to pack.

How are Orlando Winters?

Many of us look forward to the temperature drop for the cooler months, even if just a slight change most years. You may find the temperatures cool enough to spend time in sweats, sweaters, leggings, and jeans but the important thing here in central Florida is layers. When one moves to Florida, the biggest surprise to many is how often the temperature can change. You may find in some seasons jumping between your Full Sail off-campus apartment heat and air conditioning, sometimes even on the same day. It could be cool in the morning but a nice 70's degrees with full sunshine by the afternoon. So, think layers, especially during the winter months.

Prepare For the Florida Heat

Now for the hot season, you can't escape the Florida heat at your Orlando student apartment. With the Florida humidity and lack of sea breeze in the middle part of the state, some may find it unbearable, especially your first summer as you adjust. So, spending time at your apartment near Full Sail pool, local springs, or trips to the beach are necessary. So definitely bring your swimsuits, coverups, dresses, shorts, tank tops, and all the lightweight clothing. You will soon appreciate and see a need for different fabrics that breathe a little during the hot summer months. Sun protection is a must, so don't forget the sunscreen and accessories such as sunglasses, hats, SPF coverups, or shirts found at most sportswear stores, and of course, you won't be a true Floridian without flip-flops.

Rainy Days Ahead

Some years and some months, it feels like it just rains non-stop or the notorious afternoon showers popping up out of nowhere during the summer months. You may find you want a pair of rain boots, rain jacket, or poncho, especially if your apartment is within walking distance or if you plan to utilize your bike, scooter, or public transportation to get to Full Sail. Maybe something that easily fits in your backpack that you can throw on last minute would be helpful.

In conclusion, you may want to bring a little bit of everything to your apartment near Full Sail. You may not need a heavy snow jacket, but it could freeze some years during the wintertime. We hope you enjoy the weather at your Goldenrod area apartment. Many love the Florida weather because of the mild winters and accessibility to outdoor activities and recreation year-round, and we couldn't agree more!

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