I'm a real movie buff. Are there any apartments near UCF with movie theaters?

There is nothing college kids love more than movies because they want to be entertained for hours on end - I can say this from experience, since I'm a student myself. Luckily for both of us, there are many UCF apartments that have movie theaters for you to enjoy anything from oldies-but-goodies to brand-spanking-new releases. Whether you like foreign films or prefer an action/adventure flick, you should be able to enjoy a movie right in your community. To find the apartments near UCF that love movies just as much as you do, the first step is to check out the apartment guide and all it has to offer at 407Apartments.com. You'll find a place that could win an Emmy with a movie theater that could have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Navigate the 407Apartments.com homepage and try not to get distracted by all the cool information that there is; you can always come back later to check it out more thoroughly. For the moment, you're looking for the big, green button that tells you "Find Your Apartment." Once you take care of clicking it, you'll find yourself in the apartment guide. It can be overwhelming, since it has over 300 choices for you to play with as you find all sorts of awesome UCF apartments, but I'll help you find what you're looking for. Scroll down the page and you'll see that, near the bottom, there's an option that says, "Community Features." That's what you're looking for. Click the blue, plus sign next to it, and then choose "Movie Theatre" by checking the "Yes" button next to it. Your search will adjust to only include apartments near UCF that have the big screen of your dreams. Talk about movie magic!

Maybe you prefer something bigger - like an IMAX theater - or better - like one of those dinner and a movie places. I totally understand; the movie buff's heart wants what the movie buff's heart wants. You can also use the tools at 407Apartments.com to find UCF apartments that are close to the movie theaters you want to be close to. We're here to help you find them.

The process is the same as it was before. Traverse the web to the main page (or just click 407Apartments.com) and click on the big, green button another time. This time, when you're transported to the apartment guide, you'll look for the choice of "Distance from a Location." Once you click the plus sign next to it, you have the ability to put in the address of whatever theater you want your apartments near UCF to be closest to. Then, play with the distance you're willing to be away from it; you can pick anywhere between 0 and 50 miles, so you've got distance to work with. As soon as you do, your search will narrow down to only include UCF apartments close to the movie theater you love.

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