What are some tips for moving into a two-bedroom UCF apartment with a random roommate?

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Whether you know your roommate or not before moving in, you two are bound to become close friends over the school year!

It's a daunting situation to begin with. You need a place to live while you attend the University of Central Florida, and you have the new challenge of living with somebody you've never even met before! Well, let me tell you, while some parts of this new living experience may be challenging to both of you, it is much more of an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a new relationship with someone who might have a completely different background than you!

The first move I would make is contacting the UCF apartment complex you are moving into and requesting the email, phone number, or social media of your new roommate to get a headstart on your relationship. This is a doorway that will allow you to break the ice and coordinate your move-in before you meet in person.

When your move-in day comes, your counterpart may or may not be in the apartment already. If they're not, I recommend moving your belongings into one of the two bedrooms and setting up your half of the apartment. Since your apartment is near UCF, you might want to take a stroll or drive and study the campus for a bit, if you are unfamiliar. If your roommate has moved in before you or is moving in on the same day, be your friendly self! This is a two-bedroom apartment you folks will have to share for at least as long as the lease is signed for, so a good first impression is very important! After you both have set up your respective bedrooms, go ahead and hang out in the common area and get to know each other a bit!

The first couple of weeks will be some of the most exciting ones you'll have in your apartment, especially if you move in with time before school starts. I know it sounds cliche, but the best course of action is to just be yourself! The both of you are going to get to know each other very well because of your close proximity to each other, and will without a doubt become friends one way or another! Especially when exams come around, you folks will need all the roommate support you can get. And when exams are over and it's time to relax, you can go together to check out the theme parks at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios (when they're open)! If your apartment came with free wi-fi, or you have set up a system yourself, you both can veg out on the couch and catch up on a Netflix show you both like; heck, you could go ahead and start a new one together!

Moving in with a random roommate is not a lot of people's ideal set-up, but for you, it can be an exciting opportunity to make a friend you otherwise would have never met! You will enjoy living in your UCF apartment and getting to know your new roommate; odds are you will get along just fine and end up becoming lifelong friends!

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