I'm going to have a roommate for the first time in my University of Central Florida apartment, what are some tips for living with a roommate?

Living in UCF student apartments you may find it common to have 1 or more roommates especially if you live in a three-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment. Sometimes you can choose your roommate and you get to live with your best friend, other times you're assigned a roommate via a roommate matching program that you may not have met before move in. Cohabitating with a roommate can bring with it a variety of experiences. But with open communication, previously established boundaries, and mutual agreements you and your roommate can share your apartment the right way.

Open Apartment Communication

Communication is a key factor of every functioning relationship, including living with roommates in apartments near UCF. The ability to talk candidly with one another about living arrangements can often make or break your living experience. You'll want to begin the open communication policy immediately upon meeting one another on apartment move-in day, and maybe even before! Pay attention to how the other person communications and build some consideration. If you notice any communication barriers try things like a joint message board in a common area, having weekly talk sessions over dinner to catch up and express concerns, or planning social activities like visiting the apartment pooltogether to help establish rapport. The main thing to keep in mind here is that you each have to live in this shared University of Central Florida apartment, talking to one another often and with respect will help.

Establish Boundaries

Whether you're living with an old friend or meeting your roommate for the first time at move in, establishing boundaries can help improve the college living experience for everyone. If you are a UCF student, talk with your roommate early on about work and study schedules, when are good times to host company, how often you'd like to clean common areas, whether it's ok to share and borrow, splitting the cost of groceries. Apartments near UCF with kitchen pantries and even walk-in closets are helpful for separating belongings.  Planning these things ahead of time gives each roommate a sense of what actions may cause tension with the others. Some people have strict boundaries others are loose and adaptable. Either way, voicing your boundaries early is helpful in creating a comfortable shared apartment near UCF.

Agree to Solve Problems

It is not unusual to run into conflict with a roommate. Living with another person can present problems occasionally. In the beginning stages of the living arrangements, it is helpful to agree to problem solving methods before you even run into an issue. Ask your roommate, "If I want to tell you I don't like something, what is the best way for me to go about doing so?" or "When we have a disagreement, let's promise to go to our own sides of the apartment to cool off before discussing." Certain floor plans can make separating yourselves much easier. For example, we suggest looking for split floor plan 2 bedroom apartments where the common area splits the bedrooms so you and your roommate have space to spread out. Check out this article on the Odyssey for more tips on roommate conflicts.

Whether you have 1 roommate or multiple roommates there will be much to learn during your time renting an apartment near the University of Central Florida. But with careful consideration for one another it can be a fun and rewarding experience!

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