What’s the best way to divide up responsibilities with roommates and make sure everyone is doing their part?

Living with roommates in an apartment can be tough when your trying to dictate responsibilities between several people. A simple solution that may seem silly but is usually effective is to make a cleaning calendar when you all first move in. It can become easy for dishes to start overflowing from the sink and for trash to just keep piling up, but a cleaning calendar leaves everyone accountable. You can have it set up where roommate one does the chores one week, roommate two does the chores the next week, so on and so forth.

Another option is to assign each roommate a chore that will be their responsibility. For example, roommate one always does the dishes, roommate two always takes out the trash, roommate three always vacuums or sweeps the floor and you always clean out the fridge.

If problems come up and other roommates aren’t taking care of their responsibilities, communicating with them is the best way to go. Sit down with them and politely let them know you’ve been picking up their slack a little too much. They should get the hint and start doing their part. The last thing you want to do is keep how you feel inside then end up having a full-blown freakout on them.

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