I don’t know anyone going to Full Sail. Are there any apartment complexes that have 1-bedroom units?

Attending college can be a scary and overwhelming experience especially when doing it alone. Picking random roommates can also cause issues when you end up not getting along or they weren't what you thought so living alone can sometimes be the best option. There are plenty of options for you to find the best unit for your new home.

Using our site and fantastic search tool finding a 1-bedroom apartment will be a breeze! This search tool allows users to narrow down their search by over 300 different criteria to choose from community features you specify, number of bedrooms, and if it's pet-friendly. All you have to do to get started is click “Search Now” and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria. Go to the section that says “Number of Bedrooms” and slide the bar to fit the number of rooms you want (so in this case slide the bar on 4 so it's under the 1 and the site will automatically limit the options to the complexes with 1-bedroom units.

If you decide that you don't want a 1-bedroom after thinking about it or if you can't find an affordable 1-bedroom and are forced to have roommates. Don't fret! A lot of complexes offer roommate matching to help make your roommate choice the best for your lifestyle. You can always just call up the communities you like and find out if they offer roommate matching and how they do it to gain a better perspective.


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