I’m only moving down the street to new UCF apartments. What are some cheap moving options?

Ah, the joys of moving while in college! Since many of the apartments near University of Central Florida offer great amenities and deals, it's no wonder you want to try them all! That's one of the greatest things about being so flexible during your collegiate years – you can try out as many different student communities as you'd like. Not all of us love moving though, especially when it comes to the manual labor part. And the costly price tag part! However, there are a few inexpensive options when it comes to relocating your crib for the new semester.

Hire a Moving Company ($$$)

The first and most obvious option when moving to new apartments near UCF is to hire a moving company. Of course this really doesn't matter to you if you're living that fully-furnished apartment lifestyle and all you need to do is move your clothes and personal items. However, many residents do have their own belongings to take with them. Do your research and filter the options based on price and reviews. If quality service is what you are most concerned about, you may not mind paying a little extra. Check out reviews on Yelp and other service review sites. If price is more of a factor, you can check out local ads for movers in your campus paper or online to find the cheapest option. You may also be able to cut costs by hiring movers for only one part of the move, while you do the rest. There are so many pick and choose options when it comes to hired help, if this is the route you'd like to take. It is definitely the easiest option but also the most expensive!

Rent a Moving Truck ($$)

If you're planning your move to UCF apartments and you're trying to be a little more money-conscious, you can try the DIY method. This means, you'll rent a U-Haul or other moving company truck and load all of your items yourself. In fact, if the manual labor is what you're looking to avoid, you can even hire local help to come load and unload for you. You'll just be renting your own truck. Of course, if you're ready and willing to do some of the heavy lifting, this is a very practical option. These rental trucks can sometimes have great rates and even discounted coupons. If you're just moving down the street, you may only need the truck for a couple of hours. This will save you money in the long run, rather than renting out the truck for the entire day.

Phone a Friend ($)

If you're looking to save even MORE money during your move to new apartments near UCF, it's time to start befriending pick-up truck owners! All jokes aside, it's near impossible to not know someone who knows someone who owns a truck. That's what friends are for, right? So be sure to grab your strongest 4x4-loving friend, a few extra helpers are load that sucker up! Yes, it may take a few more trips than if you just rented a larger box truck, but the savings are tremendous. All this will cost you are a couple of large pizzas and a few 6-packs of beer. I wouldn't say this is a terrible trade-off! However, if you're moving into or from a third-floor walkup or a townhome with stairs, you might consider covering the tab for a nice dinner out to compensate your helpers.

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