What does it mean to sign an individual lease at apartments in Orlando?

If you’re interested in apartments in Orlando that offer individual leases, then it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision. In an individual lease situation, you basically rent your bedroom while sharing the other common areas with a roommate.  The common areas could include the kitchen, living room, dining room, porch or balcony, laundry room and possibly even a bathroom. However, the majority of individual leases at apartments in Orlando provide private bathrooms inside the bedrooms. This is particularly popular with student apartments, since each individual is only responsible for their portion of the rent and deposits. However, individual leases can be found at a variety of apartment communities, not just student-centered ones.

One of the benefits of individual leases is if you are new to Orlando and you are moving into a “blind roommate” situation. Think of this almost like a blind-date, just you’re stuck with the person for an entire year! All joking aside, the chances of you knowing someone to move in with when you move to a completely new city are very slim. Some apartments in Orlando will try and roommate-match you with the best possible fit, based on personalities and lifestyle habits. For instance, you probably won’t appreciate a random roommate who stays up late and parties on weeknights when you have to clock into work at 8 AM. In these types of situations, individual leases come in handy, especially since you don’t really know the person you’re moving in with. There are also websites and apps available that you can use to find a potential roommate in the same situation as you. That way, you can meet them and hang out ahead of time, before signing any papers. Either way, you are responsible for your portion of the rent only, regardless of what type of person they are.

This leads to the second benefit, which is that an individual lease at apartments in Orlando will help alleviate fights and tension over bills between roommates. Since everyone in this agreement is responsible for paying their own portion and will be held accountable for their portion only, then less fights will break out over who paid what bill and when. This allows you more time to enjoy your new home and potentially gain a new best friend or friends in your roommates!

Another upside to apartments in Orlando with individual leases is that they are often furnished. This means that you will not need to spend extra money on buying furniture. Even better, moving day will be a breeze! Imagine just packing your suitcases and arriving to your new home, no heavy lifting required. This helps especially if you know your housing situation is going to be temporary. There is no need to move grandma’s oak-framed loveseat into your third floor apartment if you know you’re only going to need to stay there for five months.

While there seems to be many pros of Orlando apartments with individual leases, there are a few potential cons.  Since the apartment is only rented by the bedroom, you sometimes have no choice as to who else is living in the apartment. Also, if your roommate suddenly moves out, you have little to no control over who moves in to take their place. Some people may also find a drawback to sharing common areas with another person, especially if they have different cleaning or cooking habits. Also, individual leases may sometimes be a bit pricier than if you just signed a joint lease with a roommate.

Bottom line, individual leases protect your best interests as a renter. It helps you pay your bills on time each month, since most of your utilities and rent are all lumped into one single bill. It’s a great option for anyone that is moving to the city for the first time and needs a roommate. Our 407apartments search options helps you narrow down the best individual lease apartments in the Orlando area!

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