What are the best ways to get along with my UCF roommates?

The first time you move out is a major step in your life. Mom isn't there to do your laundry and you don't have annoying siblings to deal with. Now you have what may be an annoying roommate to deal with or… You're future best friend! To find an apartment with roommate matching services near UCF, go to 407Apartment's Rental Guide, select Student Housing Options and turn Roommate Matching to “Yes”.

When you move out for the first time, you probably are used to doing things one way without realizing a complete stranger will want things another way. You may even have best friends turn to “frenemies” if the roommate experience doesn't work out. Follow this guide for getting along with your UCF roommates. 

  • Maintain a clean common area and kitchen – Don't leave dirty dishes out and the area that you both use, ESPECIALLY THE SHARED BATHROOMS!
  • Keep the noise down in your room – Leave the bass down low and use headphones when you can
  • Be respectful to your roommate's guests – Alternatively, make your guests respect your roommate's space
  • Keep in mind that the apartment is YOU and YOUR ROOMMATES – Keep significant other sleepovers at a minimum if it's not okay with your roommate
  • Pay utilities on time and always share utilities – Be aware of usage and don't take hour-long showers
  • Don't tear up the place and expect to split the deposit with your roommate
  • Ask your roommate whenever you make a major purchase like an animal – Don't bring home a rescued dog out of the blue, please
  • When you go out, offer for the roommate to come along! 

You'd be amazed how hard it is to develop common courtesy in living situations your first year away from home. I had a hard time picking up some of these basic habits until a few years in school and with new roommates. Be ready to find some new best friends at UCF if your roommate situation works out particularly well.

Remember: Most of your early twenties will be spent living with roommates so develop these common courtesy habits NOW. You'll save yourself a lot of pain later on if you follow this guide! Your living experience will be dramatically better as well, even if your roommate doesn't become your best friend.

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