Where are some exciting places to go on adventures near Full Sail?

If you're attending university at Full Sail and you want to live near fellow peers you should  look to find Full Sail apartments via their catalog of student apartments. If you're a recent graduate looking to stay in the area or wanting to live a bit further away from campus, you should look for Full Sail apartments or Winter Park Apartments to broaden your search. Off Campus Housing near Full Sail communities are less crowded by students and noise compared to right on campus, so keep that in mind when choosing what's best for your living experience. Some people enjoy the sounds of the bustling city while others look for more peace and quiet.  Either way, there are tons of communities to fit your needs. Living in or near Full Sail won't make too much of a difference due to the vast amount of attractions that are available depending on what you like to do! Do you like indoor activities or outdoor activities? Trip Advisor has pages and pages of cool activities and parks  in the Full Sail University and Winter Park area, so if you plan on being out-and-about you're in luck!

Some of my favorite things to do indoors, when it's raining or too hot outside, are:

  • The Wine Room on Park Avenue and Quantum Leap Winery
    • Great places to wind down and taste various wines and snack on some cheese plates with your friends or partner
  • The Bear & Peacock Brewery
    • If wine isn't your fancy, then check out this brewery in Winter Park. Family owned and a fun taproom to taste twelve difference beers and distilled alcohols, seven days a week.
  • Enzian Theatre
    • Indoor (and outdoor) seating to enjoy a show with comfy seats. This place also has food and drinks to fill your belly before the film.
  • Farris and Foster's Chocolate Factory
    • Visit this chocolate factory to live out your sweet-tooth dreams! You can play in waterfalls and vats of creamy chocolate. They also let you create your own chocolate treats and they have hundreds of mold shapes. You can dip fruits and nuts into chocolates to make your favorite snacks. Take your friends and make it a party!
  • Orlando Museum of Art
    • OMA is a calming environment for the public to find inspiration and art education. You can learn about the cultural aspects of Central Florida and passion in other people's artwork.
  • East End Market
    • A hodge-pod of good food and entertainment. The market showcases artists and chefs that make savory foods, desserts, homemade cheeses, and craft beers. You'll definitely find something to suit your taste buds and you can stay for the live music in the courtyard.

My list of top things to do outdoors, under the beautiful Florida sunshine, consist of:

  • Mead Garden
    • Take a walk through the spacious gardens. Enjoy the trails, green house, and butterfly gardens.
  • Lake Lily Park
    • Stroll around the lake and get some fresh air after classes or on the weekends
  • Winter Park Municipal Golf Club
    • Golf is a favorite past time of Florida, especially with the plentiful sunshine and daylight to make it through all 18-holes
  • Boats to You Rentals
    • Looking for a day in the water? This company will deliver pontoon boats or a deck boat to any body of water around Orlando. You can rent for a half or full day as well as reserve a captain and food services. Grab your friends and bluetooth speaker and make a day of it.
  • Blanchard Park
    • Another outdoor area secluded from the road. Take your children for a bike ride or dog for a long walk.
  • Winter Park Farmer's Market
    • Marked as a Travelers' Choice by Trip Advisor 2020, this farmer's market is a mostly outdoor sanctuary for everyone. You can stock up on  your week's vegetables and snacks as well as pick up some treats for your pets. You can also find flowers and decorations for your home or just enjoy the creativity of your neighbors.
  • WinterClub Indoor Ski & Snowboard
    • Learn how to ski/snowboard or work on honing up your skills. This place offers group, semi-private or private lessons by the hour. Treat yourself to a good session afterwards with homemade gelato and coffee.
  • Get Up And Go Kayaking
    • Kayak through 3 of Winter Park's gorgeous lakes in a clear-bottom kayak. Stay late for a sunset paddle or get some exercise and a tan with a daytime tour.
  • Paddleboard Orlando
    • Paddleboard, kayak or canoe rentals available to cruise through the scenic river full of trees and clear, hip-deep water so you can soak in the view of the spring's floor with fish and turtles swimming alongside.

Hope you make sure to go out and explore the area and find your top favorite things to do! Make the most of where you live and the awesome community you chose to live in. You can't go wrong with any of the apartments you choose on campus, near campus or in the general Winter Park/Full Sail area.

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