Am I allowed to keep exotic pets in Full Sail apartments?

Renting Full Sail apartments with a cat or dog comes with its own set of responsibilities and requirements that are more familiar to some residents. However, residents who enjoy caring for exotic pets, like birds, reptiles and fish, may be wondering how to keep these pets when moving to Full Sail apartments. There are a few communities in the area that allow residents to keep other types of pets in the unit. To ensure you select apartments that are the best fit for you and your pet(s), it is important to carefully review the requirements, as well as have frank discussions with the leasing office prior to making any commitments before choosing one of the best apartments in Orlando.

What should I expect when looking for Full Sail apartments that allow exotic pets?

Just like some communities have restrictions on dog size, breed and number, similar restrictions may be placed on the types of animals allowed, even in pet friendly apartments. For example, residents who are interested in keeping aquariums in the unit should consider the maximum gallon size permitted, which is often between 20-40 gallons. Additionally, the maximum size may not always be listed in the requirements and you should ask your landlord specific questions to ensure your setup is allowed. Similar requirements may be applied to enclosures for reptiles, amphibians and other smaller animals. If you plan on keeping or adopting larger types of reptiles, like monitors or iguanas, make sure to consider the need for enclosure upgrades as the animal grows larger. Even if your enclosure meets the requirements listed, it may be a good idea to mention your pet type to the leasing office to avoid any unnecessary surprises later down the line!

What should I consider when bringing exotic pets into Full Sail apartments?

If you find a Full Sail apartment that allows your pet(s), the next step is to discuss the arrangement with your roommates. If you need to find more people to live with, there are Full Sail apartments with roommate matching available. Some roommates may be very comfortable with reptiles, but keep in mind that a fear of snakes is pretty common! Even if your pet is harmless, it may not be an acceptable living situation to some roommates who may be very uncomfortable with the idea. It is best to find roommates who are comfortable with your pet, or avoid getting a new pet if your current roommate is opposed to it.

Residents who have a pet bird or plan to adopt one in the future should consider noise levels in terms of unit structure and neighbor/roommate preferences. Some bird species can be very noisy and the sound can be disruptive to others near you. For example, if your unit has other units connected to most of the walls, there is a good chance someone will not be happy with your pet. Residents who already own a bird should be familiar with their pet's personality and be able to make a better decision on the best Full Sail apartments. While your experience may vary, this article may help you decide which bird species to pick when living in an apartment.

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