My dog loves other dogs! Are there any dog parks near Orlando apartments that I can take my dog to?

Most dogs, like people love getting out and socializing! If you live in an apartment in the Orlando area it can be hard to find a place for your pet to run free and make new friends. Until now! There are plenty of dog parks in the Orlando area for your little pup to get out and get in some socializing and exercising.

Minutes away from Orlando apartments are plenty of dog parks to bring your beloved pup to! If you're looking for an off leash park where your doggie can run free without you having to hang onto their leash all day there are plenty of dog parks to choose from. The Barber dog park located just minutes from local Orlando apartments allows your dog to roam free and play with the other dogs. They even have a separate section for small dogs where they can get their exercise in on fun agility equipment. There's also the Dr.Phillips dog park where your dogs can roam off leash and cool down by grabbing a drink from the doggie water fountains!

Aside from your average dog park there are several hiking trails in the Orlando area that are pet friendly. Turkey Lake Park for example has a lovely hiking trail and is very pet friendly. It also has a butterfly garden and camping areas if you need a night away from home with your pooch!

While not technically a dog park, Lake Eola Park in Orlando is very pet friendly! They host several pet events every year around the almost mile long loop. There's even some restaurants nearby that are pet friendly and will allow you to grab a bite to eat outside with your pooch. All along the walk there are convenient dispensers with bags for your dog's poop so you can make sure to clean up after them. Not to mention there are tons of apartments minutes away from Lake Eola!

It's important to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. When living in an apartment with no yard it can be hard to make sure your dog gets enough exercise in. You must always make a conscious effort to make sure your dog is staying healthy. But luckily living in Orlando apartments you don't have to think too hard about it as there are always places to take your beloved dog just minutes away from your apartment. Don't forget that your dog will love the social aspect as well. They get lonely when you're away all day and would love the chance to get out and interact with other doggies!

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