The Orlando heat keeps getting worse by the day. What are some ways too cool off in Orlando?

Orlando's notorious summer heat is here whether we like it or not. It's nearly impossible to make it to the pool at your Orlando apartment every day to cool off. August is the hottest month of the year, and everyone in Orlando feels it. Heat indexes can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving staying home as the only option. However, there are ways to beat the summer heat and have fun during the rest of August and early September.  

Prep yourself:  

Florida's heat can cause quick damage to one's skin, so it is essential to apply sunscreen before leaving your house. Beyond that, the most crucial step is to reapply. You don't want to experience a sunburn that occurs because you thought one layer of sunscreen was enough. Reapply every 1-2 hours or as indicated by the instructions on your sunscreen. Skin cancer is one of the more significant threats we are exposed to in Florida, aside from hurricanes and alligators, so be sure to keep the sunscreen handy always.  

While prepping your skin to go outside, your body is just as important. Assure that you are carrying a water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the day, as walking or even standing in the heat can make you thirsty. Along with that, if you are a pet owner renting a pet friendly apartment, be sure to have a collapsible bowl for your furry friend before you leave your apartment. 

Pools and Waterparks:  

One of the advantages of living in Orlando is the proximity to water parks, mainly Universal Studios and Disney water parks. It is both an adventure and a way to cool off. You can enjoy the rides as well as the wave pools that can simulate the beach. It may be a more expensive approach to beating the heat but be sure to look to any season passes or deals that the parks may offer. 

Orlando apartments know how hot it can get in central Florida, which is why many offer pools. Cooling off in the pool is on everyone's summer checklist as it is both comfortable and accessible. Invite some friends over or even go to the pool by yourself to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  

The nearest beach to Orlando is Cocoa beach. Although it is a bit of a drive, Cocoa beach is the ideal way to cool off in the summer. Dedicating a whole day to the beach can be the perfect weekend adventure for anyone living in an Orlando apartment. When going to the beach, remember to bring along a hat, sunglasses, and a cooler full of your favorite summer drinks.  

Refreshing foods: 

Search for any nearby smoothie bowl shops to munch on. Acai bowls can help cool down a hot summer day as they are filled with fruits and frozen açai. Frutta bowl is a popular option in Orlando for acai bowls and other superfoods. Frutta Bowl offers online ordering and catering. If you're not an açai bowl person, you can always opt-out for smoothies. Fruit can be a light snack that also can keep you hydrated. If you're feeling creative, look up fruit salad recipes to stay cool, and that doesn't break the bank. 

The heat in Orlando can be tiring, even from inside your apartment. There are many ways to cope with the weather that is just a drive away and can easily be a summer adventure. Be sure to check out Tripsavvy's tips to deal with Florida's heat.

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