How can I make my Full Sail apartment warmer without breaking the bank?

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Winter Park Village offers residents serene courtyards full of beautiful, lush greenery to enjoy during the many warm months of Florida.

I've lived south of the frost line my entire life, so I tend to get colder than the average human. When Florida's winter rolls around, I need a good heater and a warm sweater just as much as my distant family members in upstate New York. What I- and all students at Full Sail University- don't need is an expensive heating bill during the colder months. So I've compiled a few tips and tricks to keep your Full Sail apartment warm without breaking the bank. These tips are especially helpful if you are not renting an all inclusive apartment.

Winter Fabrics

Cozy up your space by adding in warm fabrics and textiles to your space like a large floor rug, soft throw blankets and pillows. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment with your fluffy friend, getting them a plushy bed for the living room will have a similar effect.  You'd be surprised what a difference this can make in your Full Sail apartment.

Space heaters

Space heaters are a saving grace for much-needed warmth during the wintertime. Try to use them only in smaller spaces like your bedroom as opposed to heating the entire apartment with them as they are only more cost-effective than central heating when used sparingly and in individual rooms. Also, be sure to follow strict safety precautions when using a space heater.


It's rare to find a fireplace in apartment complexes. In fact, you're much more likely to find a Full Sail apartment with a fire pit. To replicate that snuggly fireside feeling in your apartment, consider adding a few candles to your space. Be sure to check your apartment's guidelines on candles and read up on fire safety before lighting them up.

Warm your bed with a hot water bottle

I spent a winter in New Zealand a couple of years ago and let me tell you that a non-insulated house devoid of any heater was a real test on this Floridian. To combat the cold, my hosts recommended I stick a heated water bottle at the bottom of my bed at night. I was wary of their antiquated suggestion, but it ended up keeping me warm all night long! Ask your grandma if she has any spare rubber water bottles or grab one from the store. You won't regret it.

Keep the bathroom door open when you shower

This trick lets you enjoy the warmth of that post-class hot shower even after you turn off the faucet. Keep in mind, however, that moisture is seeping out with the warmth so you may need a dehumidifier if your apartment already tends to hold Florida's humidity.

Window tips  

Even if you're on Full Sail's campus all day, fling open your curtains to let in all that sunshine and warmth and close them at night to trap in the heat. For a double dose of insulation, look for thermal curtains to use during the colder months. In addition, even if your apartment uses energy-efficient windows, cold air might creep in. To protect against these drafts consider placing draft stoppers on your windowsill or applying a window film to bolster your windows. Just make sure to check in with your building manager or landlord before using any adhesives on your windows!

Stay in and cook dinner

Save some money on your electric and food bill this season by skipping takeout in lieu of a home-cooked meal (or frozen pizza, no judgement here). After your food is done cooking, leave the oven door open while you eat for a blast of warmth.

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