Making the Most of Your Amenities

Most apartments near UCF offer a ton of different amenities to accommodate everything from a budget to a luxury lifestyle. As experts, we've compiled all the information on what students look for with amenities when searching for their UCF apartments and more importantly what they will actually use living there.

In-Home Amenities

College apartment kitchen with stools and countertop

When looking for Orlando apartments you'll find that many come with beautifully updated kitchens, top-of-the-line appliances, wood floors throughout, balconies/patios, and even washers and dryers. Be aware that these features can come at a premium price, so consider your lifestyle and budget before making any big decisions!
We’ll break down the benefits of all the main in-home amenities to help you feel confident in your new apartment selection:

Kitchen Style

While of course, a modern renovated kitchen is great, you have to ask yourself some important questions before making the splurge. Do you often cook meals at home or eat out at restaurants? Do you have time to use the kitchen often? Do you LOVE to cook? If you answered yes to all of these, a kitchen if definitely one of the in-home amenities to put high up on your list. One of the best benefits of having a kitchen is that you can save a ton of money chefing it up at home making great meals at home. You can use the space to cook dinner with friends or just try a new recipe yourself. On the other hand, if you're not home often, a kitchen fit for a competition cooking show may not match your needs. If simple bowls of cereal and trips to chipotle are more your speed, we’ll find some other great amenities worth the splurge.Washer and Dryer

Washer and Dryer

Unsurprisingly, this amenity is one of the most common and popular features for residents living in apartments near UCF. If you have a washer and dryer in your apartment, you can save yourself many trips to the community laundry facility. It’s important to make the most of your washer and dryer when you have it by setting a laundry schedule every week to get a few loads done. This strategy will ensure that you use the system. It also can be very helpful to coordinate with roommates on when you are using the washer and dryer. If everyone tries to get laundry done on the same day, you may not make the most efficient use of the machines.

Interior Finishes

This amenity mainly consists of the finishes and style of the wall, hardwood floors, and other interior design elements including window placement and natural light. One of the most important things to consider is if you intend to spend a lot of time at home. Hardwood floor is aesthetic, easy to maintain, and great for pets. If your lifestyle is more active and, on the go, this might not be your top amenity pick. Natural light from open windows can be a great mood booster and help with studying. People who prefer to work or study from home will likely want high-end interior finishes within their apartment near UCF!

Exterior Features

Exterior finishes cover patios, balconies, and outdoor spaces. If you enjoy fresh air or have pets this may be a more important amenity to keep an eye out for. Read a book or study for finals while enjoying the warm Florida weather on your balcony. Or take your dog on a walk around the community with outdoor spaces for pet-friendly buildings. Exterior spaces can make an apartment with smaller square footage feel more open and spacious. So, grab your favorite book to chill out on your balcony with a view.

Community Amenities

These amenities are more socially focused, as they are enjoyed by the entire apartment community. You can decide if they fit your lifestyle and budget so don’t be fooled by flashy pictures and really think about what is truly important to you.

Apartment Pool With Palm Trees


Pools can really appeal to residents because of the blue water resort-style and lounge area. It almost seems like a vacation and can distract you from long afternoons studying. Rest and relaxation are great if this luxury amenity is within your budget. You have to ask yourself these tough questions: Will I actually use the pool? Does the pool offer a space for laps? Do you want to have social gatherings at the pool? Does the apartment community offer events at the pool? Pools are a great amenity to take a break from class or just hang out with friends. Other great activities to do poolside are study or layout tanning to make the most of your time. These are all really important factors to consider when making a final decision.Apartment Gym Weight Room Section

Fitness Center

The apartment community’s on-site fitness centers often offer an array of equipment. You can save on your gym membership and drive time by using the facilities right where you live. Consider your health habits and the commute to the gym to see if this is the right option for you! The close proximity can motivate you to work out more which will help with better sleep and stress management.

Club House/Study Space

The clubhouse is usually the center of the action in most apartment communities. They can hold fun resident events including movie screenings and game nights. If you're feeling really social keep a lookout for a great space that you can hang with friends and meet new people. It’s really important to put yourself out there especially in college. Spacious clubhouses also offer great study spaces. Students can have a quiet and focused change of scenery that’s a lot nicer than the UCF campus library so you can crush finals and midterm season!


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