Student Apartments Near UCF

Whether you're looking for an all-inclusive student apartment along Alafaya Trail or a more traditional apartment a little further away from campus, has you covered. We know that signing a lease is one of the biggest decisions you'll make this year, and that the apartment you choose needs to be the right fit.

Consider your cheat sheet to apartments near UCF. We make it incredibly easy for you to find a place that will actually suit you, giving you the information and insight you need to make the best decision for you. Save the worrying for making good grades. With the help of our tools and expertise, you can be sure you'll find apartments near UCF that are grade A.

The Experts on Apartments near UCF

Each member of the team has lived in student housing at some point in our lives. Many of us have actually lived in a number of student housing communities. We know the importance of having an all inclusive apartment during your busy college years. We also know the feeling of wanting to find a more traditional apartment further away from the university. Whether you’re looking for UCF apartments priced by the bed or Orlando apartments priced by the apartment, our search will lead you to the UCF apartment that you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I keep a garden or grow plants in UCF Apartments?

    You don't need a huge backyard to apply your green thumb and grow plants in an apartment near the University of Central Florida. While units with balconies or patios will greatly expand your gardening possibilities, all you need is a window or a room with some sunlight to get started. Whether you've always wanted to grow herbs for cooking or just want to enjoy caring for beautiful flowers, this guide will help you find creative ways to start a plant collection in UCF apartments. What are some... Read More »

  • I love to stay in shape! What are my fitness options when living in apartments near UCF?

    Whether your preferred form of exercise involves pumping iron, long distance running or shaking what your mama gave you, there are plenty of fitness options near University of Central Florida apartments. Besides the obvious benefits of working out, including better health and confidence in your body image, exercise can be a huge help with your emotional well-being too. It is very important for students and professionals alike to take part in some sort of daily exercise to help... Read More »

  • What does the new UCF Downtown campus mean for Orlando's development?

    In September 2014, the University of Central Florida's President, Dr. John C. Hitt, announced that UCF will be developing a groundbreaking new Downtown Orlando campus. More recently, our team heard Dr. Hitt speak about the new venture at the Downtown Orlando Tech Celebration held at the Canvs co-working space. We were thrilled to hear about the immense positive changes and growth the campus will bring to Downtown (and all of the nearby apartments, of course!). After Dr. Hitt's speech, we... Read More »

  • Are there any UCF apartments that have rooms for Fall still available in July?

    Whether you spent your summer at an internship or relaxing by the pool, it is very quickly coming to an end. Many apartments near UCF are already out of spots for the Fall semester. Whether you spent your summer working or vacationing, if you haven't yet reserved your spot for Fall, it is time to get serious about your apartment hunt. Don't get frustrated, there are still apartments near campus with openings. Hang in there, and use these tips to find your best option. Tips for Finding a UCF... Read More »

  • What's the Difference Between an Individual Lease and a Joint Lease?

    An important step in moving into an apartment with a few roommates is deciding which type of lease will be the best fit for your collective budget. Most apartments in Orlando and the UCF area can be grouped into two categories: individual lease or joint lease. Individual and joint leases are very different from one another, and each type has their own pros and cons that renters should be aware of before making a decision. An Individual LeaseAn individual lease, also called a "by the bedroom"... Read More »

  • What does controlled access mean in my UCF apartment?

    Controlled access in your UCF apartment can mean two different things depending on the apartment; however, essentially controlled access means that you need to do something special to gain access to your apartment. Controlled access is meant to keep unwanted visitors and solicitation out of the apartment community. While no one can ever guarantee your safety in the world we live in today, apartments that offer controlled access do take on a bit more effort to keep your safety in mind. Another... Read More »

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Student Apartments

College students thrive when they're in the right environment. will help you find student housing with amenities like study rooms and computer labs. You can also find student apartments that offer resident activities like breakfast during exams or great social activities designed to help you meet new friends.

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All-Inclusive Apartments lets you search for all-inclusive UCF apartments. These apartments provide cable, water, sewer, and trash removal. In most cases, the renters will also receive free electric usage up to a reasonable cap. The best part? You don't have to worry. Pay your rent, and you're set.

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Roommate Matching

Need a roommate? No problem. Most apartments near UCF, especially the ones priced “by the bed,” provide free roommate matching as part of their service. They will give you a short questionnaire about the way that you live (ie: smoke free, quiet, or partier), and they'll use your answers to match you with others who have similar living habits.

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Furnished Apartments

There are two ways to find a furnished apartment near UCF. First, you can use our search page to identify an all-inclusive UCF apartment that lists its rent “by the bed.” This is probably the easiest. The other option is to use a company like Cort to furnish your apartment. In this case, you can arrange to rent a furniture package yourself.