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Rob Myers

Rob started in the student housing industry as a student in 1999 working as a Leasing Agent for a community in Gainesville and immediately became hooked. Every season finds loads of new people to meet, connections to make, and exciting new adventures. Rob has a passion for people and operations which makes student housing a great place to be. He's worked his way through most industry jobs from Leasing Manager, Assistant Manager, GM, Area Manager, Regional Manager, to Director of Student Housing. No matter where he's worked, he's found new ways to innovate systems to reduce mistakes and improve resident experiences. A big focus for Rob is team building and creating a culture of trust and excitement in his on-site teams.

Rob's great loves are his wife, two young sons, college football, cooking, and movies. Famously, Rob has seen more movies then everyone else in his life and this leaves him routinely in situations where no one understands his analogies because they haven't seen the obscure film he's trying to reference. He dreams of he day he can beam his thoughts directly into another's brain and vice versa.