Mariana Velázquez Castillo Photo


Mariana Velázquez Castillo

Born in Mexico, Mariana learned the importance of home at an early age. She moved three times by the time she was four-years-old eventually ending up in South Florida with her family. Each place her family rented left Mariana wonderful memories but none as wonderful as the house her family eventually settled in. When she got accepted to the University of Florida, she packed up her things to move five hours north of home. She was reminded of the importance of home – the power that a place has to create and keep memories. Already in her fourth year, studying advertising and graphic design, she has moved every single Fall only to move out by the following Spring. It has not been easy, but she wants to help people find that home where they can settle and create memories with their loved ones. Home, after all, is supposed to be a refuge and a holy place for an individual. Each home should fulfill the needs and wants of its inhabitants to best serve them and let them grow.

Mariana is deeply involved in various things – from Vox Graphis (graphic design club) to the Latino Educational Advancement Program, to her own startup! An immigrant from Latin America, she loves to learn about other cultures, customs, and languages. She speaks four languages fluently: Spanish, English, French, and Brazilian Portuguese. Currently, she's learning Italian and German. Her love for languages is what eventually led her and three friends to start creating a translation and interpretation company. It has garnered attention from companies like Cisco Systems, Inc. and Novartis International. While it's still in pre-launch stages, she's excited to work with friends, professors, and professionals, in her circle to make this become a reality.


When she's not working on school work, clubs, or her internship, she can be found playing with her orange tabby cat named Oliver (after the movie Oliver and Company, because, yes, that is exactly what her cat looks like). She loves to play video games like World of Warcraft, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. But more than anything, she loves to read classic poetry and literature.