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Brittani Campbell

Brittani is a second-year advertising student at the University of Florida. She lived on the island of Manchester, Jamaica, until moving to Miramar, Florida at the age of 10. As the first member of her family to attend college, she was expected to go big! While her family dreamed she'd become a doctor or a lawyer, she quickly decided that these careers weren't well-suited to her. Brittani instead fell in love with the entertainment industry. She soon began envisioning herself as a writer with her own blog where she could inform the public and share the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports and current events. With a continuous news cycle and flow of events in the entertainment industry, she knew that this would be an excellent career choice for her. As a journalist, she'd have the opportunity to express herself through her writing and share her passions with the world. As an extroverted introvert, journalism has given Brittani an outlet to deliver information and assert her opinion. She is motivated to develop new content and excited to see where this career path may take her.  

Fun Facts about Brittani:

  • Her favorite food is bacon (yum) and her favorite color is pink.
  • Her least favorite travel spot is the beach.
  • If she could splurge on anything, it'd definitely be shoes.
  • Apartment must-haves: walk-in closet, in-unit w/d, gym and pool
  • She loves modern furniture and appreciates a minimalist style.