Parking at apartments and in Downtown Orlando.

When visiting the apartments and neighborhoods surrounding Orlando, finding suitable parking is typically not a challenge. Parking in Downtown Orlando however, is a very different situation. Before you hop in your car you may want to take a look all the public transportation options Orlando offers to see if perhaps you can leave the car at your apartment. If you will be traveling into downtown Orlando below are some helpful tips for finding parking.

The City of Orlando currently provides public parking at nine garages and five surface lots. Additionally there are many metered off-street parking spaces in the downtown area. If you will be parking in the downtown area frequently you may want to look into some of the prepaid cards that are offered by City of Orlando Parking Division (garage debit, meter debit and garage access cards).

For metered parking expect to pay $0.25 for every 15 minutes, up to 2 hours. Street parking is free after 6PM, on Sundays and holidays. If you are using a garage for the first time you should bring cash. Some garages accept a prepaid card but not all. Checks will typically be accepted during the day but not at night time. Most lots will take a credit card, but not all. Garage and lot parking fees vary by location but expect to pay between $1 - $6 for the first hour and $2 - $4 for each additional hour up to a maximum amount.

One great service offered by LYNX is the LYMMO bus service. LYMMO is a free three-mile bus loop serving the downtown business, entertainment and shopping districts. Best of all 80% of all public parking facilities in Downtown Orlando are located within one block of the LYMMO system. This makes it very easy to park your car in a garage and use the LYMMO service to travel downtown.

For more information about parking rates, garage and lot locations, and hours check out
City of Orlando Parking Division

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