Get to know…Florida Mall

Main AttractionArea Shopping
Major EmployerFlorida Mall
# of LYNX Bus Routes3
Main RoadsFlorida's Turnpike, U.S.17-92

The Florida Mall area is conveniently located in South Orlando, close to many of Orlando's premier attractions. In fact, the main reason people choose to live in the Florida Mall neighborhood is to take advantage of the main roads and thoroughfares that cut through the area. 

Both Florida's Turnpike and Orange Blossom Trail run from the Southeast corner of the Florida Mall neighborhood north and south, providing a quick route to Orlando or neighborhoods further west like Dr. Phillips and Windermere. Traveling to and from work, airports, and surrounding neighborhoods is a breeze. The variety of roads for you to choose from means you're less likely to be stuck in traffic during rush hour.

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Florida Mall Attractions

Living in the Florida Mall area, Orlando's world-renowned amusement parks and finest amenities will be right in your backyard! You could spend a day at Universal Studios exploring the parks like Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, or City Walk. You'll also be close to Walt Disney World, with park options ranging from taking a safari at Animal Kingdom to piloting the Millenium Falcon at Hollywood Studios.

The area's main attraction is shopping, and many people in Orlando travel here to take check out The Florida Mall and its many stores. 

Shopping at The Florida Mall

This area's main source of shopping is the The Florida Mall, the largest indoor shopping center in the entire state of Florida. The mall is home to over 260 stores and restaurants, making it a hot spot for Central Florida and Orlando shoppers.  Whether you're looking to browse sales on your day off or need to find a specialty store, you'll be able to take care of all your shopping needs here. 

Dining at The Florida Mall

While the Florida Mall area has no shortage of shopping options, it is a bit lacking when it comes to restaurant choices.  Almost all of the dining options in the Florida Mall area are fast food joints and national chains. The Florida Mall's food court has a wide selection of options, but you won't find the ambiance of family-owned eateries in this neighborhood.

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