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Apopka, FL, is located about 12 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida. Apopka is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida and continues to expand in all directions. Apopka consists mostly of residential areas, including homes and apartments, as well as commercial and agricultural areas.

Apartments in Apopka

Most apartments in Apopka are affordable and family-friendly. Affordable apartments in Apopka include lakeside apartments, pet-friendly apartments, and apartments nearby to many parks and recreational sites. There are also several luxury apartments in Apopka that offer renters more of an upscale living environment, but are still surrounded by the natural beauty of Apopka. City life is Apopka is slower-paced than other areas around Orlando, so most residents of Apopka are families and those who enjoy a calm and laid-back lifestyle.

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Things to do in Apopka

There is an abundance of recreational sites and parks scattered throughout Apopka. The Northwest Recreation Center, spread over 180 acres of land, offers numerous sports fields, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and a brand new amphitheater. Doctor's Dog Park is a popular spot for local residents and their pets. This is a great place for renters who living in Apopka apartments to take their pets! Doctor's Dog Park offers a small dog area, an all-dog area, water fountains, pet showers, benches, and plenty of space for your pets to roam and play.

There are several historic places of interest in Apopka, including the Museum of the Apopkans, which contains exhibits depicting the history of Apopka and Northwest Orange County, The Ryan and Company Lumber Yard, the Carroll Building, the Mitchell-Tibbetts House, and the Waite-Davis House.

Schools Serving Apopka

Apopka is home to 13 public schools and 10 private schools, most of which are located in close proximity to Apopka apartments. Preschools and elementary schools in Apopka include Starchild Academy, Trinity Christian School, Sonshine Preschool, Bear Lake Elementary, Rock Springs Elementary, Dream Lake Elementary, Clay Springs Elementary, Clarcona Elementary, Lovell Elementary, Wheatley Elementary, Lakeville Elementary, and Apopka Elementary. Middle schools and high schools serving Apopka include New Beginning Christian Academy, Apopka Middle, Piedmont Lakes Middle, Orlando Marine Institute #1 School, Forest Lake Academy, and Apopka High School.

Shopping in Apopka

While there are no malls or major shopping centers in Apopka, there are plenty of small boutiques and chain stores for apartment residents to find what they need without traveling far from their apartment or home. There are clothing and jewelry boutiques, gift shops, shoe stores, floral shops, and several pawn/resale shops.

Business Community of Apopka

Agriculture remains as one of the largest industries in Apopka. The city is home to dozens of tropical foliage plant nurseries. Almost all of Apopka's top employers are landscaping companies, irrigation companies, and landscape architecture companies. Some residents of Apopka chose to commute to Downtown Orlando, which is about 20 minutes away from most Apopka apartments and homes.

Traffic and Driving in Apopka

The city of Apopka is currently expanding at a vigorous rate, due to the construction on the 429 toll road, a major highway in the area. Major roads in Apopka include North Park Avenue, Vick Road, East Votaw Road, Main Street, Apopka Boulevard, Clarcona Road, South Sheeler Avenue, and Keene Road. There are many apartments located along these main roads, but daily traffic around Apopka is never much of a problem.

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