I work in West Orlando and go to Full Sail - Where should I live?

Full Sail students are a busy crowd. Many have already been living in what college students call the "real world". This means that the typical Full Sail student doesn't need to be bothered with UCF apartments. This also means that they are looking for a place that allows them to get to work just as conveniently as class. For many Full Sail students that place of work is near the theme parks where production jobs are plentiful. This is where picking a good halfway point between school AND work is important in the best Full Sail apartments.

Full Sail is located right in East Orlando, about 6 miles from UCF and 9 miles from Downtown. The area is an incredibly fast growing region of incoming students ready to get their career started in production. Unfortunately many production jobs are located way over in West Orlando off of I-4. Disney World is technically located in Kissimmee and Universal Studios, SeaWorld and several more attractions are located in the same region. I-4 is the connection point to this incredibly touristy area and the point where a Full Sail student needs to meet at.

Right in-between Full Sail and the I-Drive (International Drive)/Kissimmee area is virtually all of Orlando. Downtown, Winter Park, South Orlando, Goldenrod, Orange Blossom Trail. Incredibly upscale areas and areas you probably should avoid. To really find a good meeting point of these two areas you want to look at what time you'll be commuting.

If you are commuting to work from an apartment in West Orlando during rush hour and have classes at irregular times (non-rush hour), you want to avoid commuting on I-4 and the I-Drive area as much as you can. Live close to Downtown or even West Orlando and just be willing to settle for a commute to class. Traffic is light through certain back roads in Winter Park and East Orlando so going to class won't be an issue and neither will getting to work.

You might want to consider: apartments in the Ocoee area. Apartments in this area are fairly priced, and you can easily commute to school or work via the 408 East West expressway.

If have classes at regular times (during rush hour) and work is irregular and inconsistent (not daily) then look at apartment complexes in the Winter Park or Downtown area. Making it to regular class is crucial and since your work is contingent on your studies, then make the best of it and settle for the occasional commute to West Orlando. Warning: It won't be fun during peak hours and dealing with tourists is never fun on the roads either!

You might want to consider: apartments in Winter Park.

Make a choice and stick with it. Think carefully about where you want to live and how much you want to spend on these beautiful Orlando toll roads. You may get sick of them (and tourists) fast if you choose to live on the wrong side of town. Full Sail will keep you busy and so will your work! 

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