The University of Central Florida’s fall semester will begin before you know it! What are some ways I can stay stress free this semester?

If this is your first semester at UCF, you will quickly learn that college is no walk in the park. For those of you who are returning, you are all too familiar with the last minute study sessions and scrambling to get homework done. All those late nights and lack of sleep can lead to an unhealthy amount of stress. This semester, stay ahead of the game with a few tips and tricks to keep the stress away. When everyone else is feeling the burn of the semester's papers and exams, your going to be saying, "I am too blessed to be stressed!"

Get Outdoors

Sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air! University of Central Florida apartments are located close to some amazing outdoor areas. Getting away from the bright lights of computer screens and the hum of campus life can do wonders. If you're lucky, your UCF apartment has nature trails. You can experience the great outdoors without having to leave your apartment community. Maybe you can even catch some of Florida's natural wildlife on your outdoor adventure! Many lakes call Orlando home. One such lake is, Lake Eola. Here you can rent a swan paddle boat and venture to the middle of the lake, do some yoga in a grassy area or take a leisurely stroll around the lake, taking in all of downtown Orlando. Central Florida is also home to many natural freshwater springs. Kelly Park/ Rock Springs Run stays a cool 68 degrees all year round. Take a dip in the spring or float down a crystal clear river. Close by you can also find, Wekiwa Springs. There is no better way to relieve stress than a float in one of Florida's springs!


Stress is inevitable, regardless if your in school or not. It's a known fact that exercise can help reduce stress. Other than stress relief, exercise can help to clear your head and help you sleep better at night. You are in luck because many apartments around the University of Central Florida have fitness centers. The majority of these apartment communities have top of the line equipment and offer fitness classes at no extra charge to you. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a yoga or zumba class. If the gym doesn't tickle your fancy, another common amenity UCF apartments have is a swimming pool. Swimming helps to keep your muscles toned, but at the same time keeps stress off of your joints. It also is low impact, so if you have any injuries it can also act as therapy. Having a swimming pool nearby is also a great way to cool down on a hot Florida afternoon!

Give Your Apartment a Good Cleaning

Sweep that stress away! That's right, believe it or not cleaning your apartment can reduce stress. Sometimes life can get in the way of keeping a clean home. Focusing on a single task, like cleaning, can help distract you from all of the hustle and bustle. Time dive into those linen closets and exterior storage closets and get rid of those things that have started collecting dust. Now would also be a good time to get rid of unwanted clothes. You could even donate them to a local shelter, so someone could get better use out of them. Take a look in your kitchen pantry and check the dates for expired food items too. Tidying up your home isn't as daunting as it may seem. There is no better feeling than knowing your apartment is squeaky clean.

With these stress reducing tips, we hope you can tackle the fall semester with confidence. Good luck as you settle into your new classes, Knights!

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