I have some adventurous friends coming into town and wanted to know if there are any fun weekend activities near Orlando?

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The Verge Orlando offers its residents access to fire pits, perfect for anyone looking to warm up after doing water activities near Orlando apartments all day!

Orlando is a huge city with tons of cool activities to participate in. The great thing about living in an apartment in Orlando and Florida in general, is the endless water excursions, hikes, and nature that are surrounding you. Due to Orlando's centralized location, you can get to almost any nature-filled, exciting place in under 2 hours. Some of the most common group activities that are sure to make anyone love visiting Florida are boat tours, kayaking & canoeing, and snorkeling; just to name a few!

Take a Dip in the Water Near Apartments in Orlando

The great thing about having a big group is you can normally get discounts for group activities near Orlando apartments. The best way to find this out is to plan and check availability early. If you make a reservation too late, they might not be able to accommodate your whole group, or the coupon might not be available. Avoiding this is as simple as planning a few days to a week in advance for the best opportunities. If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment, multiple people can assist you in participating and getting a group discount.


Snorkeling in crystal-clear water is a beautiful experience. Especially during the summer, when the weather is hot, and the sun is out for people to do water activities to help cool them down in the heat. There are snorkeling services that allow you to rent snorkeling gear or you could purchase and bring gear of your own.

Kayaking & Canoeing

When you look at kayaking services, canoeing is normally another option depending on the place you go to. There are options for individual kayaks, and two-person kayaks and the same goes for canoe options as well. Also, a newer advancement in kayaking is see-through kayaks that allow you to witness fish and manatees swimming underneath you. Also, some places have bioluminescent clear kayaking where you can see glowing coming from microorganisms in the water below you at night.

Boat Tours

If you live in an Orlando apartment, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of a boat tour near you. Boat tours are relatively cheap and can allow you to meet other people in Florida. The tours are relaxing, great for all age groups, and offer fishing and snorkeling off the side of the boat depending on where you go. There's also an option to choose a private boat tour where you determine who can be on the boat. These tend to be more expensive, but sometimes offer their passengers food and beverages; plus, you leave whenever you want since you reserved the boat.

After a day of sun and swimming, you'll want an apartment with a washer and dryer to clean the sand and water off your clothes. Not to mention, if your apartment has a fire pit, you can end the day with a warm, relaxing fire.

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