What are the benefits of living on the upper floors of UCF apartments?

When choosing from apartments near UCF, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind: floor plan, affordability, distance from the University of Central Florida campus, and more. A detail that often gets left up to last-minute decision is which floor you want to live on. While your floor may seem inconsequential, it can have a big impact on your experience living in UCF apartments. Although opinions on the superior floor vary from person to person, this article will outline some of the benefits of living on a higher floor in your apartment complex for those who are still on the fence or haven't given it much thought. 

The view from apartments near UCF

The first and most obvious reason why someone would want to live on a higher floor in apartments near UCF is for the view. Ground-level apartments often have their windows obscured by trees and other buildings, so the higher you are, the more likely you are to have a great view. Having a lovely view from your apartment can greatly increase your quality of living and raise the spirits of both you and your roommates. Some luxury apartments even have rooftop swimming pools where residents can see the sights while splashing or lounging by the pool. Add to this the fact that upper-level rooms are more likely to have a balcony or patio, and you're looking at more square footage for your buck that you can use as extra space to hang out, give your pet some fresh air, or keep some plants.

Strategizing your utilities

Many UCF apartments employ a method of charging for utilities that averages the utility usage of a section of rooms, but some charge based on an individual apartment's energy usage. If your apartment complex does this, then strategic room placement can make a big impact on your monthly payments. To take control of your utilities, consider getting a room on an upper floor in the center of the building. Your room and the rooms around you will be insulated from the outside weather, meaning lower air conditioning bills in the summer and lower heating bills in the winter. An honorable mention of this strategy is that if you choose a room on the very top floor, you don't have to worry about noise from an upstairs neighbor, because you won't have one.

Higher levels of security 

If you're anxious about crime in the area surrounding your apartment complex, a room on an upper floor can help you feel safe in your building. If anyone's going to be broken into, it's the residents on the lower floors, with their street-facing windows and ground-level front doors. In the unlikely event that a burglar does happen to make it into the building, they won't waste their time climbing stairs to rob the rooms on the higher floors. While this can help with feelings of anxiety about crime, if you're truly concerned about safety, it may be more helpful to live in an apartment with gate guards and an alarm system

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