What amenities should I look for in an upgraded kitchen in Orlando apartments?

For many residents, an upgraded kitchen can be one of the most exciting amenities when moving to apartments near Orlando. If you've always dreamed of having a kitchen that includes more than just the basics, choosing this feature for your new place will help you reach this goal. Cooking for yourself, your roommates or hosting dinner parties with your friends can be greatly enhanced with access to this type of kitchen. While upgraded kitchens include many different perks that vary depending on the community, below are some common amenities to look for in Orlando apartments.

What types of appliances are included in upgraded kitchens?

One of the most common appliances included is a dishwasher, which many residents find invaluable for eliminating the hassle and time spent hand-washing dishes. Additionally, most dishwashers include options for heated drying, clearing up space on your countertop by removing the need for a drying rack. In upgraded kitchens, these countertops are made from a higher quality material, like granite, and have a more refined look. In addition to the aesthetic benefit, granite countertops are more heat-resistant and easier to keep clean. Traditional countertops can be more porous and more likely to retain bacteria even after cleaning.

Many Orlando apartments with upgraded kitchens include a stainless steel package that replaces older and outdated versions of typical kitchen appliances. Your fridge, stove, microwave and sink should look shiny, modern and new with this attractive feature. Some of the benefits of stainless steel appliances include better resistance to bacteria and germs, energy saving and easier cleaning. Frequent cooking and baking can be much smoother with these newer appliances. Make sure to keep a streak-free, quality cleaner on hand to touch up stainless steel appliances and keep them looking glossy.

What other features may be included in upgraded kitchens?

Some luxury apartments may include convenient kitchen islands inside the kitchen. This gives residents access to a countertop in the center of the kitchen, perfect for extra storage space, expanded workspace and even a dining table. It also creates more space for décor, like a centerpiece, that adds a little bit extra to your environment. For tips on decorating your kitchen, check out this Good Housekeeping article on kitchen design ideas.

Some upgraded kitchens may even include integrated garbage and recycling bins in kitchen cabinets, making it easier to incorporate environmentally-friendly habits into your daily routine. Having designated areas for trash and recyclables can help with kitchen organization and cleanliness. Additionally, upgraded kitchens tend to be more spacious and may include an expanded area around the bar. A roomy bar area can be a great place to relax for a quick meal and avoid formal dining room tables for casual get-togethers. To get a better idea of typical kitchen layouts, visit each community page for photos of upgraded kitchens or schedule an in-person tour for a closer look. The apartment landlord will be able to answer any specific questions about amenities included in upgraded kitchens and differences between unit types.

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