Is there a shuttle bus service that picks up at UCF apartments?

There sure is! The campus has a shuttle bus service that has stops through the area, and makes stops at 22 apartments near UCF campus. Some apartments do have their own  private shuttle service as well that will take residents straight to and from the community and campus. To find which apartments near UCF are on shuttle bus route stops, you can visit our map of UCF apartments on UCF shuttle routes.

About Shuttle Routes

The UCF Shuttle Bus offers routes to campus,  nearby grocery destinations, Rosen College Campus,Health Science Campus, and even a Gameday shuttle! Once you hop on a shuttle, there are popular stops all over UCF campus like the Student Union, CFE Arena, Engineering Building, and many more! See a full list by visiting UCF's On-Campus Shuttle page.

When to Catch the Shuttle

Whether you're headed to campus for a regular class, extracurricular activity, or even just to hit the  gym, the UCF Shuttle has a wide variety of pickup times that should meet your schedule. The shuttle picks up at apartments near UCF campus every 15-minutes or so and operates from around 6:30am-10:00pm during regular school days,  closing early at 8:00pm on Fridays. You can track the shuttle via the UCF Shuttle mobile app so you never miss your pickup time!

What it's like on the UCF Shuttle

The UCF shuttle is air conditioned and has a bike rack on the front just in case you need a bike to help you get around UCF's campus once you arrive. You can expect to ride the shuttle with other students and can use the time to skim notes for an upcoming quiz or to catch up with your social media feeds. The UCF shuttle is a social experience, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself to your shuttle-mates - you might make a new friend! 

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