What are some tips for getting along with my roommates in our UCF apartment?

UCF apartments are a great place to grow and foster a strong relationship with new roommates, or solidify and strengthen your bond with old friends. Let's be honest, living with roommates whether you're the best of friends or strangers can be a hassle. Even a healthy and loving friendship can be strained by living in such close proximity. Don't panic though, there are quite a few ways you can keep the peace in your UCF apartment.

One of the most important steps in keeping your UCF apartment drama free is laying down some ground rules right away. Each roommate in your apartment should come up with a list of rules they wish to see in place in your home. Once you've each compiled a list share them with each other and be ready to compromise. Don't go into the discussion believing that your list is the be all and end all of lists. Once you've all discussed your lists draw up a final list of rules for each of you to follow. Some of these rules may include things such as; quiet hours, smoking policies, guest policies, the divvying up of chores, and party rules. Once you've compiled your list of rules discuss what's going to happen should one of you break any of them and you should be on your way to solidifying your roommate bond in no time.

UCF apartments can seem cramped at times, but that shouldn't mean you can roam wherever you want. Absolutely do not infringe on one of your roommates' private areas. This includes their bedroom and private bathroom (if they have one.) Unless you have permission from your roommate it's never a good idea to invade anyone's privacy, no matter how good of friends you think you are. Everyone needs privacy every now and then so as long you keep that in mind you should be set.

A common mistake especially with younger UCF students living in apartments in the area is spending too much time with your roommates. I know that befriending roommates can seem like the easy option when it comes to making new friends but trust me, it can be tiring. If you spend all of your time with your roommates then they're bound to get under your skin. Taking time away from your roommates can actually be beneficial to your bond. Whether you're going out and spending time with other friends, or just enjoying quiet alone time in your room, you'll find that a break from your roommates can feel like a breath of fresh air.

UCF apartments can be an ideal location to live amongst roommates and foster deep bonds of friendship together. As long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind as long as a few obvious ones like being respectful, courteous, and calm with each other, you and your roommates should have quite a fruitful living experience with each other in your UCF apartment.

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