What can you tell me about the living experience in apartments near UCF?

UCF apartments are usually ideal for your average college student. With an abundance of bars, nightclubs, and hot restaurants in the area it really caters to those looking to go out and blow off some steam; possibly before a big exam, or celebrating the excitement of exams being over. However with fantastic schools like Waterford Elementary School, Riverdale Elementary School, Union Park Elementary School, University High School, and Timber Creek High School apartments near UCF can also be a great place for families to live and thrive.

What you get out of your UCF living experience depends on a few things; where your apartment is located is a huge component as well as which apartment community you choose. Usually the apartments nearest UCF are filled with college students. This can mean a little higher noise level. UCF students love living close to campus mostly so they can roll out of bed at the last minute possible and still make it to class on time. You'll find that many of the bars and nightclubs are located fairly close to campus as well, usually just a few blocks away. So if you're a college student looking for fun then the closer you live to campus the easier it will be to find the fun. Apartments on Alafaya and University Blvd are usually chockfull of college students that have the tendency to get pretty rowdy. So anyone with young kids, or noise sensitive pets should consider living a bit further away from the campus.

That's not to say that all college kids are rowdy and UCF apartments in general are bad for families. There are quite a few apartments near UCF that are perfect for families and located near some fantastic schools. While yes, there is an abundance of bars and night clubs in the area you'll also find that you can encounter numerous family friendly restaurants just minutes from your home as well as endless shopping and grocery options. Waterford Lakes Town Center is located about 20 minutes from UCF's campus and is chockfull of great stores for adults, children, and teens. There's even a movie theater in the town center if you want to catch a quick flick. Not much further from UCF you can also take a trip to the Mall at Millenia as well as the Florida Mall if you need to get some shopping done.

The main focus of apartments near UCF is definitely college students. Many of the stores and restaurants in the area openly cater to college students which can help provide you with an amazing college experience. However, the UCF area can be a great place for a family as well. Just make sure to ask your landlord about apartment noise levels, or what the general ratio is of college students to families. As long as you don't find yourself surrounded by college students who can easily get rowdy while you're trying to put your kids to bed at night you should be set! Just make sure you're knowledgeable of things like noise level before you sign your lease!

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