Where near UCF can I live to be close to Disney?

All in all, the University of Central Florida is not a far drive to Disney. When heading to the magic land, you can expect a thirty to forty-five minute drive. When looking for a specific UCF apartment that will be closer to Disney, you will not have to look far. Nearly all housing on and off campus are only a short trip to Walt Disney’s creation. You may want to consider living near I-4 to make this commute easier if you are a frequent visitor or even work at Disney. However, keep in mind that I-4 does tend to hold a decent amount of traffic throughout the day. A great place to consider living is near or in the College Park area. Millenia Mall is another landmark that is right in the middle between campus and Walt Disney World. Oviedo is another location that shares common grounds between the tourist attraction area and UCF.

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