Technology plays a major role in my everyday life. What 'smart' features should I look for in my new UCF apartment?

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Nowadays, technology plays a large role in everyday life - especially as a student. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to seek apartments near UCF that accommodate your technological needs. Thankfully, several UCF apartments offer advanced, hi-tech apartment features and amenities.

Internet Access

If much of your daily life is spent on your phone, computer, gaming system, tablet or smartwatch, then free Wi-Fi access is just what you need. Many University of Central Florida apartments offer free Wi-Fi in popular spots throughout the community such as the clubhouse, pool area, fitness center and business center. Having access to a Wi-Fi connection in these areas allow you to easily work or play online without worrying about using up your data or paying for expensive overages. The business center is an especially popular area for students and professionals in search of a dedicated work space. On-site business centers usually come equipped with internet access, desktop computers, printers and desk/meeting space. With free Wi-Fi access in the clubhouse, pool and fitness center, you can easily entertain yourself or your guests during gatherings, workout sessions and pool parties.

USB-Friendly Areas

You know that feeling you get when you want to charge your device but only have your USB charger handy? Imagine an apartment with built-in USB outlets for quick and easy charging. Sounds amazing right? USB cords are becoming the preferred charging method for electronic devices, so apartments with USB outlets are becoming increasingly popular in the UCF area. It's the perfect convenience for someone who lives a tech-heavy lifestyle.

Electric Car Capabilities

Electric car usage is a relatively recent offering in the U.S., and demand is certainly on the rise. According to a 2017 study, the electric car industry is predicted to grow by 40% in the next year. If you currently own or are considering purchasing an electric car, there are apartments near UCF that are equipped to accommodate your needs with vehicle charging stations. Generally, residents who use the charging stations will be responsible for paying for the electricity. However, the convenience of being able to charge your car near your home without having to install any equipment is well worth it!

These are just a few of the ways apartments near UCF can accommodate your hi-tech lifestyle.

Living and working in technology-centered environments can be stressful at times; don't forget to take moments to unplug as needed. Check out this article by Lifehack for tips on how to ‘unplug' and decompress in your down time. If you need to take a break from technology, make use of your community's non-techy offerings like the dog park or basketball court. As you're searching for your perfect new UCF apartment, be sure to consider the amenities and features that'll meet all your tech needs while still providing other enjoyable offerings.

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