What are tips for spring-cleaning my UCF apartment?

New year, new you! What better way to start off your new year, than a good old deep spring-cleaning? As we wipe the remnants of the year 2020 away, we are reminded of just how important the cleanliness of your UCF apartment really is. 

Better Out Than In

My roommates and I try to be proactive when it comes to cleaning. For example, before you walk into our place our custom doormat greets you. This hack prevents guests from tracking in any unwanted dirt or mud that is clinging on their shoes into your apartment. Added bonus- it can be a fun task for new roommates to pick out and bond over, together! Not only can you customize your doormat, but you can also show support to local, upcoming artists by ordering through Etsy. Depending on the fabric of your floor mat, most can be wiped or swept off easily. Better out than in we always say!

Revive The Refrigerator

Following the theme of better out than in, I also highly recommend cleaning out your refrigerator and freezer. Yes, by cleaning I mean more than just throwing out your old takeout from two weeks out. One step at a time, go through your products and look for ways to minimize waste. Personally, I found it easier to clean the fridge in selections, so that you don't get overwhelmed at the task at hand. Aside from checking out expiration dates, try to remove all items in order to give your appliance a proper wipe down. Once cleaned, I suggest organizing your produce in ways that benefit your eating habits the most. For example, try to place the healthier options in the front so that you are less tempted to indulge in junk food when reaching for your late night snack.

If you're sharing refrigerator space with multiple roommates, like in a four-bedroom apartment for reference, I highly recommend purchasing plastic storage bins. In doing so, you can dedicate each bin to a specific roommate and avoid the whole awkward "who ate my food" tension. When everything has a set place it will be easier for you all to find what you're looking for, also making the clean up routine easier in the future. 

Don't Forget To Dust

Another small cleaning task that will benefit you in the near future is dusting off the tops of the fans found in your student apartment. With this Florida heat, it is understandable if you always keep your fan running. However if your fan blades are continuously in motion, it is guaranteed that dust, dirt, and lint particles will build up over time. If this routine maintenance is ignored, this causes a decline in both the airflow of the fan, and in the overall health of you and your UCF apartment roommates.

Celebrate Your Cleanliness

After I have checked off all of the tasks on my cleaning lists, I habitually light a candle to commemorate a day well spent. I find little incentives, such as candles, serve as motivational tools that encourage perseverance when cleaning. With time, I assure that you will find out what works best for you! Now, Sunday spring cleanings can be something to look forward to, rather than dreaded in your University of Central Florida apartment.

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