Where do I put my trash at Orlando apartments?

Orlando apartments can be some of the cleanest and most well-kept apartments in the area. Keeping them that way is surely something most, if not all, residents want. If this is your first time living in an apartment knowing what you should do with your trash probably doesn’t come naturally. You’re probably used to setting your trash can out on the curb and having it come and be routinely collected, usually twice a week. It can be quite different in an apartment. In fact, some Orlando apartment’s trash collection methods may be quite different from other Orlando apartments.

One of the most common ways you’ll find trash collected throughout Orlando apartments is the dumpster method. It’s pretty straightforward method as far as trash collection goes. Depending on the size of your apartment community you should find at least one or two big dumpsters meant for throwing away your trash. They might not be incredibly close to your apartment though, and walking with heavy trash any distance can seem like a pain. If that’s the case, consider loading it up in your trunk and driving it down to the dumpster. Many dumpsters also have a recycling receptacle alongside of them, should you choose to recycle that’s where you can leave your recycling. If you’re not sure where your Orlando apartment’s dumpsters are located you can always ask your apartment manager and they will be more than happy to tell you their location.

A less common, but much more convenient method of trash removal some of the best Orlando apartments use is valet trash. Most of the time with valet trash there will be a schedule of when they come to pick up trash and all you have to do is leave it outside of your door. This method is easy and convenient. Most of the time with a trash valet service they come several times a week as well so it’s a breeze to keep your apartment trash free.

Another pretty common method of trash removal throughout Orlando apartments is a trash compactor. A trash compactor does exactly what it sounds like. Usually you will throw your trash down a chute where your trash will be compacted. This method is highly convenient considering the chutes location is usually pretty close to all of the apartments. It’s also convenient because you don’t have to wait around for someone to come pick up smelly trash; you can get rid of it whenever you need to.

Some Orlando apartments recycle, some don’t. If your does they usually pick up recycling as they would with valet trash, or as stated before have an available receptacle that is meant for strictly recyclable materials.

Your Orlando apartment may offer any of these different methods of trash removal so it’s important to check with your apartment manager before moving in and accumulating a ton of trash. Some apartments may even offer a combination of both. For example, some Orlando apartments will offer valet trash with a trash compactor as well for smaller items that you need to get rid of in a timely manner. Don't forget that some apartments in the area may charge a fee for trash removal. Unless you're living in an all inclusive apartment, then the trash removal fees are usually included in your rent.

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