I'm transferring from UF to the University of Georgia. What do I need to do to become a Dawg?

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If you've tried living in Orlando and decided you'd like to head up to Georgia instead, here's what you need to do to become a Dawg.

The UGA Transfer Process

Keep tabs on your academic progress at UCF and then check your UGA transfer eligibility to see if you've meet the baseline to switch schools. If you're a full year out of high school and have a complete year of college under your belt, have kept a GPA of 3.3, and have 30-59 total hours, then you can qualify for UGA's main campus in Athens. If you want to go into business or another popular major, be sure to double check if there's additional requirements for you to follow. The number one priority you should have is sticking to the deadlines for transfer admission; UGA will not accept anything past due. Be prepared to pay $70 for an application fee, complete a transfer admission form and reach out to UCF for your u-to-date official transcript. Find out all the specifics at the Office of Transfer Services. For answers to more of your questions, the Transfer Student Presentation is a great start. 

What's the Difference Between UCF and UGA

Be ready for a little bit of culture shock when you transfer from an Orlando school to a Georgia school. UCF is set in a large city and is well connected to lots of entertainment. There are nearby springs, amusement parks, and tons of dining options. UGA is a much smaller college town that revolves around the University of Georgia. You may find that the quantity of things to do is less, but the quality is great. School spirit will definitely be felt in Athens on game day and you'll mainly be surrounded by fellow college students. 

Find an Athens Apartment

Once you are officially a UGA student, the first thing on your to do list is to find an apartment near the University of Georgia. Know that while transferring is a tedious process, sometimes the most challenging part is getting use to your new school. Give yourself plenty of opportunity to meet people and get connected to the university when you choose to live in an Athens apartment close to campus. Downtown apartments are chosen by lots of students you're a short walk from restaurants and nightlife. Another great choice is an apartment in the Five Points area. Sat at the intersection of Milledge Avenue and Lumpkin Street, this is super convenient to get to local shops, dining, and Sorority Row. Pick a two to four bedroom apartment that you'll share with roommates. Make good use of roommate matching services and you potentially make friends with your new flat mates.

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