Any tips for things to watch out for when touring a UCF apartment?

When you take a tour of a UCF apartment, you'll most likely be taken to a model . There are both pros and cons to things things you'll find when touring a complex, so we've put together some tips to keep in mind while browsing: No matter the size of the new place you're viewing—be it one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms or four—the model apartment you're touring will most likely be furnished. You'll get an idea of what the space can look like furnished, which provides you with a glimpse of what you may need to purchase for furniture and décor in your new UCF apartment.

If you absolutely love the furniture, a community may tack on a small monthly fee for rental of said furniture. Beware, however, that often the model furniture you see while touring can come with only a certain size floor plans or may even be an upgrade compared to what the normal furniture rental price. Tip: Double check the price of the specific furniture rental you're interested in while touring and not just furniture rental at the community in general. Definitely keep in mind that complexes spend thousands of dollars on furniture and décor to make the models look enticing while touring. A second tip, if possible, is to ask the leasing agent to take you to the exact room you'd be renting or another unit in the community. Touring the apartment completely empty will give you a better idea of exactly how much space you'll have without any gimmicks.

Yet another tip to take into consideration when touring is noise level. Be sure to walk around the property (with or without your leasing agent) to see if the noise level differs at different buildings in the complex. Is one building closer to a noisy restaurant while another is nearest another UCF apartment? Is there a freeway extremely close? Will the sound of honking cars keep you up at night?

Another tip most people forget about when touring a UCF apartment is the number of sockets in a floor plan, espeically in the bathroom. If you're male, you may think having an electric socket in the bathroom isn't a necessity, but what about your electric razor? Having a socket close to your mirror is perfect for women who like to blow dry or curl their hair.

Our last easy tip is to make sure all of the closet doors open and close in your UCF apartment. If your UCF apartment comes with large mirror sliding glass doors, open and close them a few times while touring to make sure they don't easily jump off the track. There is nothing worse than having a broken door your first few days in your new UCF apartment.

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