What should I bring when touring Full Sail apartments?

First off, come with lots of questions for your leasing agent when you tour Full Sail apartments. Your leasing agent is there to be of the utmost help at the time. You can, of course, call later and ask questions, but it’s pertinent to have them all answered so that you don’t have any doubts when signing your lease.

The most important thing you need to have with you when touring Full Sail apartments is your photo ID. A government issued one is best, but if for some reason you don’t have one, anything with your name and photo that is official in some capacity will do. Most Full Sail apartments won’t even let you take a tour without photo identification. Even if you don’t plan to sign a lease on the day of your tour, a photo ID is necessary.

If you are hoping to sign your lease the day you tour Full Sail apartments, there are a few other items you should have for application completion: social security numbers, proof of employment and proof of a previous rental history. Your social security number is probably the most obvious thing you need to tour Full Sail apartments, but why do you need proof of employment and proof of previous rental history? A proof of employment lets the Full Sail apartment know that you have the means to pay your rent from month-to-month. Some places will even check to see that the money you’re making can cover the rent times a certain amount. Your previous rental history is important because it shows the new Full Sail apartment you move into that you have a proven record of paying your rent on time without any bounced checks or hassle.

If you’re planning to view multiple Full Sail apartments in one day, bring a list of questions so there’s no chance you’ll forget anything. Ask about electrical sockets, check out multiple Full Sail apartments on the property if possible to get a feel for the environment, and definitely test out all doors, appliances, etc. It may even be helpful for you to bring along a camera to document the rooms and buildings. You may not remember ever single detail of all the Full Sail apartments you view. Bringing a camera allows you to look back at your leisure. That way, when it comes time to officially sign the lease on your new Full Sail apartment, you will have reviewed everything possible before making your decision.


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