Do you have any tips for a first time apartment renter in Orlando?

Renting an Orlando apartment for the first time can be a very intimidating task! So many apartments to choose from that offer numerous different lease types, amenities, and floor plans to consider. One of the most important pieces of advice I have to offer is take your time. Don't rush into any decisions or you might end up unhappy with them if you haven't really thought them through. Take time carefully choosing your apartment, floor plan, and what type of lease you want.

Choosing a lease is one of the biggest decisions you'll make when considering apartments near Orlando. So my biggest tip is to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before signing anything. Keep in mind that there are several different apartment lease types out there. So take some time and familiarize yourself with them. The most common leases throughout Orlando apartments are fixed term leases, periodic leases, and individual leases. With a fixed term lease you'll be agreeing to remain tenancy in your apartment for a set amount of time that usually ranges from 1-2 years while paying a predetermined amount of rent per month. Individual leases are quite similar to fixed term leases in terms of tenancy and the way rent works. However, with an individual lease you'll only be paying for your share of the apartment. Meaning should any of your roommates fail to make rent, you won't have any negative impacts put upon yourself. A periodic lease is best for those unsure of their choice in apartments or don't plan to be in the area long. With a periodic lease you don't have to remain tenancy for any set amount of time and you only have to give about 15-30 days of notice before leaving. However, there is no set amount of rent so it can fluctuate as the landlord sees fit.

Don't sign a lease if you're unsure of any terminology or are unhappy with any of the terms. Getting stuck in a lease you don't like can leave you miserable and you'd really only have two options in that situation; stick it out and try to make the best of it or move out and end up having to pay some hefty penalties for breaking your lease. Neither option is very desirable so make sure that you completely understand and are on board with the terms of your lease before you sign it.

As a general tip I suggest making a list of amenities you're searching for in an apartment community. You can use our apartment finder to filter these results for you and narrow down which Orlando apartments offer the amenities that you're interested in. Amenities can greatly contribute to your happiness in an apartment so don't settle on something you don't want!

I can't stress enough to take tours of the apartment communities you're interested in. Pictures can only show you so much. In person, you'll be up close and personal with the apartment community and can see exactly what they're all about.

Orlando apartments can be a great place to create a new home for yourself. Just try not to get overwhelmed, don't rush into anything, and be sure of all of your decisions before signing anything and you should be set!

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