I just landed a remote job. What are the best practices for working at home in my apartment near UCF?

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Since Covid-19, many people have landed a remote job or moved to remote work. As with anything, there are many pros and cons to working from home, some people love it, and some may have a more challenging time finding how to make it work for them. We are here to help you get started in the right way with the best practices for working at home from your University of Central Florida apartment.


The first key to success with any new job is ensuring you have everything you need on the first day; this is no different for your new work from home position. Whether you will be working on a computer or telephone, you will want a designated space for your work. Add a desk in your UCF apartment bedroom if you have roommates or if you live solo, maybe a spot in your living room or dining area. Think of tools you may need, including a phone, computer, internet, storage space, or office supplies. You may already have an all-inclusive apartment with internet, cable, and utilities, giving you a head start on this step.


Finding a schedule that works for you between your new remote job and your classes at the University of Central Florida is crucial to your success. If your work schedule is set in advance and you know what hours you need to work, it is easier to plan your schedule. If you have flexibility on the time you need to dedicate on your job, we suggest you outline a sample routine in advance. That doesn't mean you can't adjust your routine as you go along and find what works best for you. A good schedule and routine are invaluable to your success while working from home and enables you to complete your work without any added stress.


Working from home means no commute, so you may want to use some of your time in the morning that you save as commute time and workout instead. If your UCF apartment has a gym or fitness classes, maybe a quick class or run-through the gym will help you wake up and get invigorated for the day, or perhaps a stroll around a nature trail around your apartment will get the juices flowing. Once you wake up and get motivated, many find it helpful to shower and dress for the day just as you would if you were going into an office so that you start the day with confidence and prepared to do a good job, even if it is from your apartment.


It is probably a good idea to notify your roommates and neighbors that you will be starting a new work from home job and let them know your new schedule. If you have flexibility in your work schedule, you may decide to work when fewer people are home or around to avoid unnecessary distractions and disruptions. You may find your student apartment in Orlando is not conducive to working from home, and you may opt for another remote location to complete your tasks.

Some love working from home, and others find it to be isolating. Give yourself grace as you find what works best for you. If you are a social person, you will want to make sure you are still find ways to connect with your coworkers or others near your apartment in the UCF area. Walk with a roommate before work or hit the gym together, plan lunches with friends, or hang out around your apartment pool during breaks. Maybe others at your new job feel the same way, and you could schedule an office outing once a week. Working from home provides flexibility, and with these tips above, we hope you are successful in your new position.

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