I need to do some serious spring cleaning in my Full Sail apartment. Any tips for tackling a big cleaning job?

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Ah, spring cleaning. I can't say I look forward to the annual deep clean, but the feeling of coming home to a fresh, clean apartment after class at Full Sail is simply unbeatable. One surefire way to keep putting it off, however, is to assume it's a much larger job than it is. If done properly, it can be a task that takes just a few hours, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time reveling in the immaculate cleanliness of your space.

Stock up on supplies

Nothing puts a damper on a wave of motivation like running out of Lysol halfway through. So make sure you stock up on all the necessities before you get going. There are plenty of stores in close proximity to apartments near Full Sail, these items can either be purchased at a local supermarket or borrowed from a friend or neighbor:



-all-purpose cleaner

-dry mop or Swiffer

-rubber gloves

-bathroom cleaner


Go room by room

Even if your apartment isn't that big, it can feel overwhelming to look at it as one big job. Splitting it into a room-by-room process makes it seem so much more doable, especially if you live in a four-bedroom apartment. You'll feel so good crossing a room off your list, and it'll inspire you to head into the next room with some gusto. Pro-tip: start with the room in your apartment near Full Sail that you're dreading the most; this way you'll be less exhausted when you get to it and less likely to quit before you're done. You'll thank yourself when you get to the easiest room last.

Start with clutter

Vacuuming and dusting is pretty hard when clothes and knickknacks are cluttering up every floor and surface. So before you break out the all-purpose spray, go through each room and decide if you want to store or get rid of any left-out belongings. Consider making piles of keep, recycle and throw-away to clear up some storage space in your Full Sail apartment.

Use a makeshift tool belt

Carrying all your supplies from room to room can be tiring. Instead, keep all your bottles and scrubbers in a tool belt to carry around with you. If you don't own a tool belt, carry your supplies in a shower caddy and keep it all at your feet.

Go from the top to the bottom of a room

Whichever apartment room you start in, make sure you start by dusting from the top of the room down. This includes ceiling fans, light fixtures and wall decorations. If you don't start here, you'll end up cleaning the floors and countertops multiple times as dust falls and collects on surfaces below. Use either a microfiber dusting cloth or a soft nozzle attachment on your vacuum to clean up dust in hard to reach places. If you have high ceilings you may need to use a chair or small ladder to reach ceiling fixtures.

Give your solutions time to settle

When you clean in sinks or the tub, you'll use a cleaning solution or bleach. However, just applying the product and scrubbing it away does very little in terms of getting rid of stains. Instead, spray it on and wait 10 minutes before scrubbing it off. That way, you let the solution do most of the work and save yourself from too much scrubbing.

Call in backup

Asking a few friends from Full Sail or roommates to pitch in helps cut down on time and energy and makes the job so much more fun. Grab some coffee and turn on the music and within a few hours your Full Sail apartment will be clean.
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