Are there any student housing areas with a gated entrance?

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The Verge Orlando
The Verge is an awesome student-friendly option.

Many apartments near Full Sail provide a variety of community features. Whether you prefer for your home to include a fitness center, dog walking area, coffee lounge, or movie theatre, we can definitely help you to find exactly what you are looking for! Having a gated entrance in your student housing headquarters may be of high importance to you. A gated entrance can make you living community visitors more secluded, secured and monitored. If you are working or studying during the late hours, a gate may even help you feel safer as you travel home or even if you have to take your dog on late night walks. To look for a home with a gated entrance, start by using our “community features tab.” When you click on this, a list of preferences will appear. You can select anything from your gated entrance to courtesy patrol. Once you select on what you are looking for, a list of properties will appear on the screen that include your search criteria. You can then click on each living area for further details or even narrow down your search to select student housing options or a specific location until you find your perfect place.

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