I just moved into my UCF apartment, and I want to set up a new skincare routine as a fresh start. How can I do this on a student-friendly budget?

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If you are a student living near the University of Central Florida, you might already have a skin routine or you might be looking to get one because of the importance of self-care. No one can deny that taking care of your skin makes you feel clean, fresh, and like a new person every time you set aside time for yourself. Plus, establishing routines takes discipline and consistency, two things important for any student looking to be successful.

Although skincare is a great thing for most people, oftentimes high-end products aren't accessible to everyone, especially students who already have loans, tuition, groceries, and gas to pay for. The great thing about the nature of skincare is that it doesn't always have to be expensive and elaborate. Staring with the basics can help you get on the right track to a better routine.

Figure Out What Your Skin Likes in Apartments Near UCF

The best way to establish a more personalized skin care routine is to know what your skin type is. This is a crucial step in finding out what works for you. Ultimately, your skin is unique to you, and things that work for others might not work for you. Taking a simple skin type quiz can get you headed in the right direction. The next step is to research what chemicals are best for your specific skin type. Once you know this, you can use your UCF apartment double vanity sink to take care of your skin.

Another simple way to find out what your skin likes is to perform a simple skin patch test. You might buy a product, rub it into the skin on the back of your hand and give it a day to soak in. If a rash, small bumps, or any form of irritation forms, you know it's not the right product for you.

Realize Your Habits Affect Your Skin in UCF Apartments

The things you do every day can affect your skin's health. Let's say you live with someone who smokes, or you also smoke. That can dry out your skin and cause the people around you to have dry skin as well. If this isn't what you want, living in a smoke-free apartment can prevent dry skin from smoke in the air.

Additionally, it's important to get sunlight and fresh air not just for your skin, but for your overall health in general. Picking an apartment with a patio or balcony can allow you a spot for fresh air and daily sunlight. If you spend copious hours in the sun, make sure to wear proper SPF sunscreen, so your skin is protected from UV rays even when you are just lounging around in your apartment near UCF.

Make Personalized Skin Products in Apartments Near UCF

Skincare costs can add up, and the last thing a hardworking student living in UCF apartments needs is an additional money stressor. If you can't purchase high-end products, that's totally fine. Most of the time, drug store products and even homemade skin remedies work just as well and are easily affordable. Doing extra research on product reviews and DIY skincare remedies can help your wallet in the long run.

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