Are there short-term leases near UCF? Should I get a short-term lease?

There are many benefits of having a short-term lease near UCF. You may only be looking to finish out a semester and go home. You may need to leave town on a whim if something comes up. Whatever the case is, short-term leases may be rare but are incredibly important for some UCF students. To get started with your short-term apartment search, check out the 407Apartments Guide.

Short-term leases give you the flexibility you need while you're in college. While many would rather sign a lease and forget about it for a year, some need that reassurance that they can leave their apartment on short notice. Here are several more benefits:

  • Need to leave Orlando? You can leave on a whim!
  • If your budget is tight, you won't risk being unable to pay several more months of rent
  • You have a summer internship/job out of the city/study abroad term – No need to sublet your summer apartment if the lease ends before the summer when school ends
  • Summer is here and you want to go home out of Orlando
  • Don't like your roommate? Better to have a few months left on your lease terms rather than a full year
  • Don't like the apartment? For whatever reason having a few months is great for this as well

For whatever your reason is, short-term leases ARE available. Though availability in the UCF area they may be limited. Go to Orlando's Apartment Guide and view the map to see a list of available apartments. Go to the filter "Lease Length" and check off the box of length you want.

If you're looking to be in school for two semesters near UCF and leave town for the summer then a 9-month lease is the way to go. You just need a way to store your belongings in the meantime while you're out of the city. This option lets you rest easy for the summer knowing you aren't accumulating massive rental costs while you aren't even living there!

If you're finishing up your last semester at UCF then try the 6-month term or Short-term options.  The same options apply and you'll be thanking yourself if you graduate with a job offer out of the city or across town and aren't stuck with a rental near UCF.

With that said, a full lease term is the most convenient option if you're under time constraints or have a monthly budget. The most affordable options are usually the ones spread out over 12-months. Try using the 407Apartments Guide to see what your Orlando apartment options are and see what prices are available near UCF. You may need to contact for a short-term quote. Happy hunting!

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