Are there any salons near UCF where I can get a haircut?

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Boardwalk is in close proximity to many shops and salons.

When moving to a new city strictly for college business, it seems out of the ordinary to consider where you can partake in monthly activities that had become to custom back home. By now, you are probably worrying about where you can tan, workout and even get your hair done! While searching for UCF apartments, you may even consider having a salon within walking distance or a short drive from your home. Lucky for your, there are handfuls of luxury and cheaper salons near by the college campus! Right on Collegiate Way you have In Style Hair. This salon is perfect for those who like to get a mani, pedi and their hair cut and colored all at the same place! This full service salon is more upscale and you can definitely expect to be pampered! Just a short distance away is Fantastic Sam’s on Alfaya Trail. Known for its cheaper prices and convenient cuts, this place is perfect for trims and upkeep! Other contender’s just minutes away from campus are Orlando hair salons and super cuts! The Orlando area is sure to have a salon that best fits your needs!

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