What are some roommate traditions we can start in our UCF Apartment?

Whether you were friends before moving in together or just met recently, upholding some traditions will likely improve the relationship between you and your roommates in UCF apartments. In my personal experience living with roommates, upholding traditions was both healthy and enjoyable. The traditions that you and your roommates choose to maintain are entirely based on your preferences. For college students living in apartments near UCF, having a close relationship to your roommates can foster better communication in the apartment and provide some consistency in the crazy but enjoyable experience that is attending the University of Central Florida. Trying out one or two of the traditions below with your roomies will improve your overall experience living in shared UCF apartments.

Get out of Your UCF Apartment and Take a Hike

In my sophomore year of college, I lived with three friends in a four-bedroom apartment, and this was our most frequent tradition. I had a dog, and so did one of my roommates, so we would often take them out for a long walk on a scenic hiking trail. Taking a group hike is a fantastic way to disconnect from the rest of the world and get some exercise. As you're walking and enjoying the view, there's no doubt that you and your roommates will talk and laugh and make memories for much of the way along the trail. If taking a hike isn't for you, many apartments near UCF have on-site gyms and swimming pools. Enjoy these amenities with your roommates and make the most of your complex together! 

TV Show/ Movie Night

Lots of roommates watch the bachelor together. Of course, if that's not something you're interested in doing, there are plenty of TV shows and movies that you and your roommates can watch. I would suggest starting a series. You can watch each new episode or film and even theme your food and drinks to the content you indulge. Some communities even have theatres or common areas perfect for a group movie night. Whether you plan on binging the series or watching weekly as new content is released, this is sure to be a fun experience for you and your co-inhabitants.

Cleaning Day 

Although this one might come across as a bit of a drag, taking the time to clean your apartment near UCF with your roommates will prevent arguments about your unit's cleanliness. It will be easy to divide the work and keep track of who's doing what. By having an organized and well-communicated cleaning day, nobody will feel like they are doing more work than anyone else. All necessary tasks should be divided equally. Of course, cleaning is essential in maintaining the appearance of your apartment as well as your health. From personal experience, I understand that it can be challenging to make time to do tasks that seem so mundane. With your busy schedule as a UCF student, cleaning may seem like the last thing you want to do, but rest assured, you will be glad that you and your roommates put in the time and effort to keep your UCF apartment clean as ever.

Weekly Family Dinner

Don't feel like making a trip to the dining hall? Have a weekly dinner with your roommates. Being a student at the University of Central Florida, of course, has its perks, but you're likely missing those home-cooked meals. Cooking dinner with your roommates is an amazing bonding opportunity. Choose a meal that you all enjoy and divide the cooking among yourselves. It's guaranteed to be a good time! 

I strongly advise traditions between you and your roommates. Living in such close quarters with someone you've been roommate matched with has its challenges, but the experience is always better if you have a positive relationship with your co-inhabitants. Try out these traditions and have fun, UCF students!


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