What are some tips for getting the best use of reusable containers in UCF apartments?

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Makara offers its residents upgraded kitchens, perfect for anyone looking to cook up a storm and store leftover food in reusable containers in UCF apartments!

Whether you cook often or eat a lot of food, the food leftover from those meals needs to be stored in a container of some type. If you are a student attending the University of Central Florida, glass containerscan be a great investment for the future. They tend to last for years if taken care of correctly and they can be bought in bulk, which is more money-conscious than buying containers individually. 

If you have an upgraded kitchen, you likely have plenty of room to store multiple food containers at your apartment near UCF. Because glass food containers don't stack as well as plastic food containers, you will need more storage space in your kitchen pantrythan usual. 

Purchase High-Quality Reusable Containers for Your UCF Apartment

Glass containers are the best purchase you can make to store your food in apartments near UCF. Not only does food last longer and stay fresher when it's stored in glass containers, but it also doesn't get dyed or hold an odor like plastic containers normally do. It might be more of an investment to buy glass, but it will pay off when you realize that quality containers matter when storing food for days at a time. 

Also, glass is a greener option because plastic food containers can only be thrown away and not recycled most of the time. If you want to reduce the demand for more garbage to be processed into landfill, purchasing glass is better overall. Glass food containers don't need to be used just for food either. You can repurpose it and use it to store non-perishable items in your UCF apartment. 

Check the Instructions Before Washing Containers in Your UCF Apartment Dishwasher

Although glass can be run through a dishwasher without getting damaged or melting, the lids on a lot of glass food containers can be plastic or have plastic attachments. Normally, the box it comes in has instructions on whether the containers require handwashing or if they can be put through your UCF apartment dishwasher. If you pay attention to this ahead of time, you can avoid a possible fire hazard or permanent damage to the containers.

If you decide to handwash all your glass food containers, using a lot of soap and a quality sponge or dish brush can keep your containers effortlessly clean all the time. 

Throw Away Food Containers in Your UCF Apartment With Expired Plastic

Glass never expires but if some plastic attachments or lids come with your set of food containers, chances are they need to be thrown away after their shelf life expires. It's a health concern to keep plastic in UCF apartment kitchens that are no longer suitable to store food in. Plastic that expires typically has a very rancid smell and that odor can seep into your food and make it tastes off. To avoid this, look for all-glass containers that don't have any plastic in them. 

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